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Samsung Galaxy M04 Review

The Samsung Galaxy M04 has just been made available in India. Their budget-friendly M series includes this phone. It has some cool interior features.

The phone has a unique MediaTek Helio P35 chip that facilitates proper operation. This phone has a large, attractive screen. It measures 6.5 inches and displays high-definition images. At the top of the screen, there is a tiny V-shaped notch.

Samsung Galaxy M04 Review

It has 4GB of RAM, which functions similarly to the phone's memory and helps the device run smoothly. However, this phone has a unique function known as RAM Plus that gives it even more memory. Like having an additional 4GB of memory.

The phone's back is equipped with two cameras. One is a 13-megapixel camera that produces excellent images. The other one is a 2-megapixel camera that contributes to the clear, attractive appearance of the pictures.

On the front of the phone, there is a camera that you can use to take selfies. Your selfies will look great too because it has 5 megapixels!

Samsung Galaxy M04 Display and Camera

You can use the large 6.5-inch touch screen on the Samsung Galaxy M04 to operate the phone. Its top has a tiny notch that resembles a water drop. There are thin edges surrounding the high-definition screen. Everything appears clear and sharp thanks to its 720x1600 pixel clear resolution.

The phone's back is equipped with two cameras. Due to its 13 megapixels, the main camera produces very high-quality images. Additionally, there is a special camera that adds depth to the images, improving their appearance. It has a 2 megapixel camera and has automatic focusing.

There is a camera concealed beneath the top notch that can be used to take your picture or make a video call. Your selfies will look great too because it has 5 megapixels. The primary rear camera can also be used to record videos in full HD. It can record videos at a rate of 30 frames per second, which is equivalent to 30 photos being taken in one second! It allows you to capture every happy moment.

Samsung Galaxy M04 Performance and Battery

The MediaTek Helio P35 custom chip powers the Samsung Galaxy M04 smartphone. The phone's "brain"?this chip?enables efficient operation. Its fast processor has eight cores, allowing it to perform numerous tasks simultaneously without experiencing any lag.

The phone has a function called virtual RAM that helps it multitask even better. It's like the phone has additional memory that aids in memory and quick switching between apps. In addition to the virtual RAM, the phone also has 4GB of built-in RAM, which serves as the primary memory.

All the cool graphics and animations you see on the phone's screen are handled by a specialised graphics processor called the PowerVR GE8320. Games and videos both look really nice and smooth thanks to it.

OneUI Core 4.1, a proprietary Samsung programme, is the name of the phone's operating system. The phone can understand what you want it to do thanks to something akin to its own language. The operating system is constructed on top of Android, a well-liked platform found in many phones.

For a period of two years, Samsung promises to update the operating system of the phone, giving you access to the newest features and advancements. It's like getting new playthings and games to enjoy. A sizable battery is housed inside the Samsung Galaxy M04. The phone runs on something akin to a power source. The 5000mAh capacity of this battery is known as Li-Ion. It's similar to having a large water bottle that is durable.

The battery's large size allows it to operate without recharging for an entire day. It's like having a toy that can play for a very long time before getting tired. Additionally, a unique Samsung charger is included with the phone. Because it is a fast charger, the battery can be charged quickly. It is comparable to having a magic wand that can quickly recharge the battery.

This Samsung phone with a big battery is a good option for you if you want a phone that can run for a long time without needing to be charged frequently. It's like having a phone that can last all day that is a superhero.

Samsung Galaxy M04 Storage and Connectivity

You can store resource-intensive apps and games inside the Samsung Galaxy M04. It's like having a separate cabinet just for your favourite games and toys. Internal storage is the name given to this space, which is 64GB in size. Another option with 128GB of storage is available if you require even more room. It's like getting a bigger cupboard so you can store more games and toys.

Additionally, the phone has a unique slot where a small card known as a micro SD card can be inserted. You have access to even more storage with this card. It's like having a hidden drawer where you can store extra items like important documents, music, videos, and photos.

VoLTE and 4G are features of the phone. It's grants you access to the internet, allowing you to communicate with friends, watch videos, and perform a variety of other tasks. It also has Wi-Fi, which is similar to having a wireless internet connection in your home. Using Bluetooth, which functions as a wireless connection, you can also connect other devices, such as headphones. You can still use your preferred wired headphones because the phone has a special 3.5mm headphone jack, so don't worry.

The phone also has a unique port known as a USB Type-C port. It resembles a doorway where a cable can be plugged in to charge a phone or connect it to a computer. Additionally, it has a feature known as GPS and A-GPS, which aids the phone in determining your location on a map. It functions like a small compass to help you find your way.

Bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 38, 40, and 41 of the 4G LTE standard are supported by the device. The device can connect to a variety of 4G networks worldwide thanks to these bands, which map to various frequency ranges used by LTE networks all over the world. However, since it does not support 5G NR bands, it cannot connect to 5G networks.

The device is compatible with LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) technologies in terms of speed. The 3G network technology known as HSPA has been improved and offers faster data transfer rates than the original 3G networks. Web browsing, email, and applications requiring only moderate amounts of data are suitable for it because of its faster download and upload times.

LTE, a type of internet connection, is quicker and more effective than HSPA, another type of connection. If your device has LTE support, you can take advantage of incredibly fast internet speeds and perform tasks like watching videos, playing online games, and using apps that consume a lot of data. Due to the fact that LTE networks are especially made to handle large amounts of data, they are excellent for activities like streaming videos and using apps that require a lot of data. Your internet connection is like having a super-fast highway!

Samsung Galaxy M04 Pricing and Colour

In India, the Samsung Galaxy M04 can be purchased for as little as Rs. 8,399. For this price, it is available on Flipkart. The Samsung Galaxy M04's base model has 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. It is available in the colours Sea Green and Shadow Blue. It's similar to purchasing a toy at a discount.

Samsung Galaxy M04 Has Plus RAM Feature

The Samsung Galaxy M04 phone can perform more tasks at once thanks to a feature known as Plus RAM. It has a unique function that enables the RAM to be increased even further by using some memory from the phone's storage. The typical phone comes with 4GB of RAM, which is equivalent to having a small desk to work on. The RAM Plus feature, however, allows us to have a total of 8GB of RAM, which is like having a larger desk to perform more tasks simultaneously. It enhances the phone's multitasking capabilities and smooth operation.

Advantages of Samasung Galaxy M04

When you purchase a Samsung Galaxy M04 phone, the most recent Android 12 operating system is already installed on it. The Samsung Galaxy M04 has the advantage of giving you two options for the amount of internal storage you want. 64GB or 128GB are your options. It's similar to having the option of a large drawer or a small drawer in which to store all of your belongings.

Use a device known as a microSDXC card if you require even more storage space. It's similar to having a portable extra storage container for your phone. Your photos and videos can be kept on this external storage, just like you would keep them in a separate box.

RAM is a feature found in the Samsung Galaxy M04 that makes the phone operate more smoothly and allow for simultaneous multitasking. The majority of tasks can be completed with its 4GB of RAM. Remember that the phone has 8GB of RAM in total, which is equivalent to having a large table to work on.

The 6.5-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy M04 is sizable. To see everything on the phone, it's like having a big window. The screen's size makes it simpler to watch videos, play games, and perform other enjoyable activities.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy M04 is one of its benefits. With a 5000mAh capacity, the battery is powerful. It's comparable to having a strong battery that can last for a very long time. And the phone supports fast charging at 15W if you need to charge it right away.

The Samsung Galaxy M04 also has a feature known as a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is a plus. Like having a designated spot where you can plug in your headphones to watch or listen to music, that's how it works. You don't require any unique adapters, which makes it convenient.

Knox Security system is a security feature that is included with the Samsung Galaxy M04. Your information is safe and your phone is better protected. It's similar to having a solid lock on your door to keep out any trespassers.

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy M04

The Samsung Galaxy M04's inability to support 5G connections is one of its flaws. We can still use 4G LTE to access the majority of the internet, though.

The phone's non-removable battery is another drawback. If the battery needs to be changed, we won't be able to remove it ourselves. To get a new battery, we must instead visit a unique Samsung service facility.

Because the Samsung Galaxy M04 is not water resistant, we must be cautious not to get it wet as this could cause damage.

The phone doesn't have a fingerprint sensor, but we can still use other methods to protect the screen without adding anything to the device.
The Samsung Galaxy M04's primary camera can capture videos in 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second, but not in 4K resolution.

The phone's LCD screen shows pictures in HD resolution, which is 720 x 1600 pixels. The fact that it lacks NFC, however, prevents us from using it for wireless payments or data transfers.

Is Samsung Galaxy M04 Worth to Buy?

The Mediatek MT6765 Helio P35 processor, which is used in budget-friendly smartphones, is found in the Samsung Galaxy M04. It functions as the phone's "brain" and makes it easier to use. When playing high-definition games, it may struggle because it is not very powerful, which means the games may not run smoothly or quickly. The processor can work extremely quickly when necessary because of its maximum speed of 2.35 GHz Cortex A53.

The fastest internet speeds are inaccessible to the Samsung Galaxy M04 because it does not support 5G connections. We are unable to watch movies in Full HD on this phone because its screen only has a resolution of HD or 720p. The default operating system for the phone is Android 12, but Samsung has promised two updates, so we may eventually see newer versions like Android 13. The phone's battery can be used continuously for an entire day without needing to be recharged thanks to its 5000 mAh capacity. The Samsung Galaxy M04 is a good option to buy even though it lacks 5G.

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