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Redmi 12C Review


Xiaomi's Redmi line has consistently had good buyers' popularity. The business only recently introduced the Redmi 12C to the Indian market.

Redmi 12C Review

The entry-level smartphone is available in Mint Green, Lavender Purple, Matte Black, and Royal Blue colors for a starting price of Rs 8,999. The Redmi 12C will compete with devices like Realme, Motorola, Vivo, and others as an entry-level smartphone. A buyer's best interest must always come first when purchasing an entry-level smartphone.


  1. Vast screen
  2. High level of design
  3. Long-lasting battery


  1. Ordinary cameras
  2. Gradual charging

Design and Display

Redmi 12C Review

The Redmi 12C has a striped pattern on the rear in terms of design. A glossy backdrop is housed inside a square module on the camera platform. The phone has flat edges and is made of polycarbonate. The power button and volume buttons are located on the right, and the left side only features a SIM card slot with a slot specifically designated for a microSD card.

A 3.5mm headphone jack slot is situated at the top, while the bottom features a microphone slot, a USB Type-B micro charging connector, and a loudspeaker. You will need to pay for headphones separately if you wish to listen to music because they are not included in the package.

Having said that, we were a little upset that the fingerprint sensor was positioned inside the camera module because it gave the device a poor appearance and made it difficult to unlock the phone. The positioning didn't work well for us, but the fingerprint sensor quickly responded to touch or, in fact, numerous touches.

The 6.71-inch HD+ display on the Redmi 12C has a 60Hz refresh rate. According to the manufacturer, the display has an oleophobic layer. When the brightness level was set to its highest setting, using the phone outdoors in the sun was possible. While taking calls, engaging in gameplay, or using the web, the touch screen operated without any issues.

Don't hold out much hope for watching or watching too much video in ultra-high definition because the screen is an IPS LCD display. While watching content, the screen's bezels are noticeable and easy to see. The speakers provide adequate loudness, so if you want to binge-watch any entertainment, you will not be disappointed. The Redmi 12C does tick those two boxes if having a respectable display and decent speakers are important features for you to look for in a smartphone.


Redmi 12C Review

The Redmi 12C is powered by the MediaTek Helio G85 chip, specifically designed for gaming. It comes with 6GB RAM and up to 128GB storage, with the option to expand virtual RAM up to 11 GB. The phone can run multiple applications simultaneously without difficulty, despite other companies' claims that multitasking on smartphones can be complicated.

This smartphone is great for playing games like Fruit Ninja and Subway Surfers because there is no delay. Although the touch can be slow, the phone does not heat up, which is a plus. The return of BGMI to India is exciting news for gamers, joining other popular titles like Call of Duty and the recently released Genshin Impact. However, if you plan on playing these demanding games on this phone, it may only meet some of your gaming needs.

The truth is that this is a simple smartphone for everyday tasks like making calls, sending texts, viewing movies, or listening to music when you have free time. There could be casual gaming here and there, but nothing more. The Redmi 12C runs the MIUI 13 operating system, which is based on Android 13, and the firm has guaranteed two years of security upgrades, which would eventually bring the version up to Android 15. It also has the MIUI dialer and IP52 certification, making it dust-resistant.

You will appreciate the option to utilize an FM Radio app if you still enjoy listening to music on the radio if you are transferring from a feature phone to an Android smartphone. Additionally, the Redmi 12C provided rapid operations and speedy application launches.

The Battery

Redmi 12C Review

The newest Redmi budget offering is powered by a 5000mAh battery. Redmi claims that if used to satisfy everyday necessities like audio/video chatting, messaging, and listening to music, the smartphone efficiently operates for a single day on a single charge. The cable has a USB Type-A port on one end, and a USB Type-B port on the other, and the charging adaptor enables 10W charging. There is no use in constantly monitoring the phone because you must wait at least three hours for it to charge fully. When charging, the smartphone did not get hot.

Nevertheless, since the battery will only run out after a few hours, users will only sometimes need to bring a charger. After a full day of use, including making video calls, taking pictures, watching content on OTT applications, and playing games, the Redmi 12C's battery life was tested. It still had plenty of energy remaining.

The Camera

Redmi 12C Review

A 50MP AI camera is one of two rear cameras on the Redmi 12C. The camera app has functions including time-lapse, 50MP, video, portrait, and night mode. A 5MP sensor is on the front and positioned in the display's center for taking selfies and making video calls. The pictures taken with the back camera could have been more pleasant because they needed clarity and the proper color balance. While taking selfies, users may also use the top volume button.

The interior photos in HDR mode were clear, but the exterior photos were excellent. However, the front-facing 5MP camera could be better, as the images lacked color and depth and were often blurry. Users can access Portrait HDR photo settings and use the time-lapse function to record videos. Non-tech-savvy individuals who use the camera for basic photography, such as taking pictures of documents and sharing them with others, will be OK with these camera limitations. Overall, the camera experience is slightly above average but not noteworthy. It's not uncommon for low-cost handsets to have mediocre camera performance, so expectations shouldn't be too high.


Consider the Redmi 12C for an affordable smartphone with decent features and specifications. It's priced at Rs 8,999 and is ideal for customers who need a simple phone or want to gift it to someone who isn't tech-savvy.

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