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Samsung Galaxy F41 Review

Samsung Galaxy F41 is Samsung's first smartphone launched under the F series. The F41 makes its debut just in time for the festive season. The Galaxy F41 is set to compete for the crown of the best phone under Rs.15,000 by lowering its price.

Samsung Galaxy F41 Review

The competition is already fierce between Redmi and Poco brands, Realme, and even Samsung's own M series value king. Can the Galaxy F41 fight back? Is it a phone you should buy? Let's discuss our review of the Samsung Galaxy F41.

Unboxing of a Samsung Galaxy F41

Samsung has stopped shipping protective cases in all price ranges. It started with the Samsung Galaxy M31, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy M51, Samsung Galaxy S20, and Samsung Galaxy F41.

The Samsung Galaxy F41 is shipped with a protective case when you open it. The protective case does not come with a screen protector. The box also includes the Samsung 15W Adaptive Fast Charger. The Samsung 15W Fast Charger comes with the smartphone. The charging cable is USB Type-A to Type C. The box comes with a SIM Ejector PIN. The documentation is also included.

Samsung Galaxy F41 Features

A smartphone with a 6.4-inch screen and an FHD+ resolution is the Samsung Galaxy F41. It sports a 32MP front camera and 64MP and 8MP back cameras, respectively. It features a 15W charger and battery with a 5000mAh capacity. It includes 128GB of storage (up to 512GB) and 6GB of LPDDR4x RAM. Additionally, it utilizes the One UI skin on Android 10. Along with two 4G VoLette SIMs, it offers 3.5mm and USB-C connections. It comes in three colors: black, blue, and green. Depending on the model, the Samsung Galaxy F41 pricing varies.

Building and Design of The Samsung Galaxy F41

We immediately returned to our review of the Samsung Galaxy M31 after looking at the Samsung Galaxy F41. While the shiny polycarbonate backsplash is more appealing with its new gradient color, the rectangle camera module at the top left corner, oval fingerprint sensor, and tapered corners look like the ones on the previous generation of M30 smartphones. The two phones have no real difference, though you should expect an additional sensor at the back. But from the consumer's point of view, this similarity isn't a big deal. The Galaxy F41 is easy and convenient to carry around and use, and it's packed with a massive 6000mAh battery. Samsung doesn't skimp on the essentials, either. There's a built-in USB Type- C connector, a dedicated card slot, and an audio jack. The phone's body doesn't flex or creak and feels incredibly sturdy. The Samsung Galaxy F41 is available in three millennial-friendly colors: Fusion Black, Fusion Blue, and Fusion Green.

The Galaxy F41 does a great job of holding a big battery and being comfortable. Considering phones under Rs. 15k, that's a good win.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy F41: Display

The Galaxy F41 has an FHD+ AMOLED display, making it the most affordable smartphone with an AMOLED display. Also decent is the panel quality. The Galaxy F41's display is crisp and colorful. While watching Netflix using the Galaxy F41, everything appeared virtually excellent.

Regarding the connection with Netflix, it has the latest version of the Digital Media Rights Management (DRM) Widevine certification. This is required for the online HD streaming of Netflix. The screen's maximum brightness is 420 nits, which means that it can be used intermittently in high-intensity sunlight. A scratch-resistant layer of Gorilla Glass 3 protects the screen.

Samsung Galaxy F41 Review: Performance and Software

The SoC is protected by 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of LPDDR 4X RAM. Because Samsung has been using the same chipset for multiple generations, the firm has had plenty of time to fine-tune the One UI, which is based on Android 10, so that it functions well with the hardware. The Exynos 9611 performs well in daily usage but is less potent than the alternatives provided by the Snapdragon 700 series or the G-series of MediaTek gaming processors. One of the most outstanding and delicious Android skins is The One UI; however, there is plenty of bloatware. It is advised that users carefully follow the setup instructions to remove most third-party apps, marketing push notifications, locked screen posters, and suggested apps. Depending on your needs, Samsung's still-in-use dialer software enables auto-call recording, which may be advantageous. Overall, the performance and software are comparable to what Samsung provided on its budget-friendly phones last year.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy F41 Camera

Like the Galaxy M31, the Galaxy F41 has 32MP front and three back cameras. Samsung's F41 is still the primary 64MP sensor, joined by an 8MP ultra-wide and a 5MP depth sensor.

The camera can capture bright highlights and shadow details in sufficient daylight. Dynamic range is broad, and focusing is often quick. However, the primary camera has trouble focusing in close-ups.

The primary camera produces 16MP photographs by default by multiplying four pixels by one, but users may alternatively choose to take photos with a full 64MP resolution. We advise that you only use the full resolution with excellent lighting.

8MP wide-angle cameras are expected to lose some quality, but the photos are passable. Samsung software may capture subject edges in Live focus or portrait mode. If the lighting is good, the quality is quite lovely. Portrait pictures have sharp details and good color accuracy. Like many other smartphones at this price point, the camera quality drops indoors and in low-light conditions. The F41's 32MP selfie camera offers rich details at an 8MP resolution. Facial imperfections are minimized with the Galaxy F41's beautifying function. Samsung promises to add more personalized filters in upcoming updates.

In addition, the Galaxy F41 supports Ultra HD video recording, Super Slo-mo video recording, and Hyper-lapse video recording. Additionally, Super Steady is a feature of the Galaxy F41 that enables the super-wide camera to crop footage for more stable video recording.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy F41's Battery and Audio

The battery sizes on Samsung's budget-friendly phones are generous. The F41's 6000mAh battery should easily last more than two days on a single charge. The 15W adaptive fast charging requires around 2.5 hours, which is a long time by today's standards.

The single loudspeaker of the Galaxy F41 performs around average. However, the Dolby Atmos support on the headphones makes it a fantastic content consumption device.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy F41: Is it Worth Buying?

The Samsung Galaxy F41 is a new series from Samsung, but it follows the same formula as the M-series, which has been a great success in India. It offers an attractive AMOLED display at an affordable price, a battery capacity of 6000mAh, user-friendly software, and Samsung branding. The hardware is of a lower caliber but should be suitable for primary and moderate users. The camera performance is also comparable to other phones in this price range.


If you're looking for a top-notch phone that won't tire your eyes after a long day of online classes, you've come to the right place. The Galaxy F41 has an excellent AMOLED screen, a great camera, and long battery life. Plus, it comes in two different storage options - 6GB and 128GB - and comes in three colors - Fusion Black, Fusion Blue, and Fusion Green. So if you're looking for something mid-range, this is the best phone.

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