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MySQL INSERT Statement

MySQL INSERT statement is used to insert data in MySQL table within the database. We can insert single or multiple records using a single query in MySQL.


The SQL INSERT INTO command is used to insert data in MySQL table. Following is a generic syntax:

Field name is optional. If you want to specify partial values, field name is mandatory.

Syntax for all fields:

MySQL INSERT Example 1: for all fields

If you have to store all the field values, either specify all field name or don't specify any field.



MySQL INSERT Example 2: for partial fields

In such case, it is mandatory to specify field names.

MySQL INSERT Example 3: inserting multiple records

Here, we are going to insert record in the "cus_tbl" table of "customers" database.

Visual Representation:

insert mysql 1

See the data within the table by using the SELECT command:

insert mysql 2
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