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Races and Games Aptitude Concepts and Formulas

Points to Remember:

  1. The competitions of running, driving cars, riding on the horses or bicycles, and rowing boats, etc., are generally called races.
  2. The places like grounds, roads, rivers, lakes, etc., where races take place are called the race course.
  3. In any race, the number of participants can be 2 or more. The point from where the race starts is known as the starting point.
  4. The point at which the race ends is called the goal or winning post.
  5. If in a race all the participants reach the goal at the same time, the race is called dead heat. Therefore, dead heat is that type of race which ends in a draw, i.e., no one is winner or loser.
  6. Suppose A, and B are two contestants in a race. If before the start of the race, A is at the starting point and B is ahead of A by 14 meters, we say that A gives B, a start of 14 meters.
  7. In this case, to cover a race of 100 meters, A will have to cover 100 meters while B will have to cover only (100 - 14) = 86 meters.
  8. In a 100 m race, 'A can give B 14 m' or 'A can give B a start of 14 m' or 'A beats B by 14 m' means while A runs 100 m, B runs (100 - 14) = 86 m.
  9. A game of 200, means that the person among the participants who scores 200 points first is the winner'.
  10. If A scores 200 points while B scores only 160 points, we can say that A can give B 40 points.

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