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ASP.NET DataList

The ASP.NET DataList control is a light weight server side control that works as a container for data items. It is used to display data into a list format to the web pages.

It displays data from the data source. The data source can be either a DataTable or a table from database.

Here, first, we are creating DataList that gets data from a DataTable. This example includes the following files.

ASP.NET DataList Example with DataTable

// DataListExample2.aspx


// DataListExample2.aspx.cs


It produces the following output to the browser.

ASP Net Datalist 1

ASP.NET DataList Example with database

This example gets data from the database table and includes the following steps.

1) Add a Web Form

Add a web form to drag the DataList over it as we did in the following screen shot.

ASP Net Datalist 2

Select DataList from the data category of the toolbox.

ASP Net Datalist 3

Drag the DataList to the form. After dragging, it looks like the following.

ASP Net Datalist 4

Now, we need to configure database connection. Click on it and set new data source.

ASP Net Datalist 5

It will pop up a new window with various Data Sources. Select SQL database and click ok.

ASP Net Datalist 6

After selecting Data Source, now, we need to select data connection. But before proceeding further add connection string to the web.config file.

// web.config

Data Source is the name of the connection that is required to connect SQL Server. It can be different for other computer systems.

ASP Net Datalist 7

After clicking next, it asks to configure select statement.

ASP Net Datalist 8

It allows us to select number of columns to fetch custom record. It also provides * option to select all columns records.

Now, test the configured query, is it working or not, as we did in the below screenshot.

ASP Net Datalist 9

After finishing configuration, our DataList looks like this:

ASP Net Datalist 10

This "DataListExample.aspx" file contains the following code.


This application produces the following output.

ASP Net Datalist 11
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