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Create a New Web Form

Here, we are using the project that we created in last topic. To add a new web form in our existing project, first select project then right click and add new item.

ASP New web form 1

Select web forms option in left corner and then select web form and hit add button.

ASP New web form 2

Now click on the add button and this form will add to our project.

After adding form, we can see that this is now in our project as we have shown in the below image.

ASP New web form 3

Double click on this form and this will show some auto generated code like this:

ASP New web form 4

// user-form.aspx

If we run this file on the browser, it does not show any output. So, let's print some message by this form.

The modified code is as below.

// user-form.aspx

After running it on the browser it yields the following output.

ASP New web form 5

Apart from this message, we can do lots and add controls to this page as well. We will add controls to form in our next chapters.

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