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Creating User Registration Form

After studying web server controls now let's create a user registration form. This web form takes user input and submits to the server. After submitting, it return message of successfully registered. This whole process takes the following steps.

  1. Add a Web Form to the project
  2. ASP Creating user 1
    ASP Creating user 2

    This form contains some default html code.

    ASP Creating user 3
  3. Adding Controls to the form
  4. To add controls to the form either we can drag components from the toolbox or write code manually to create the components.

    The following file contains the code for a user registration form.

    // WebControls.aspx

  5. Handling Submit Request
  6. In code behind file, we are adding a message that trigger only when user submit the registration form. This file includes the following code.

    // WebControls.aspx.cs

  7. Run User Registration Form
  8. To run this form, just right click and select view in browser option. We did it in our example.

    ASP Creating user 4


    And it produces the following output.

    ASP Creating user 5

    After filling the form and registration, it shows a greeting message to the user.

    ASP Creating user 6

    After submit the registration details.

    ASP Creating user 7

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