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ASP.NET Web Forms FileUpload

It is an input controller which is used to upload file to the server. It creates a browse button on the form that pop up a window to select the file from the local machine.

To implementFileUpload we can drag it from the toolbox in visual studio.

This is a server side control and ASP.NET provides own tag to create it. The example is given below.

Server renders it as the HTML control and produces the following code to the browser.

This control has its own properties that are tabled below.

Property Description
AccessKey It is used to set keyboard shortcut for the control.
TabIndex The tab order of the control.
BackColor It is used to set background color of the control.
BorderColor It is used to set border color of the control.
BorderWidth It is used to set width of border of the control.
Font It is used to set font for the control text.
ForeColor It is used to set color of the control text.
Text It is used to set text to be shown for the control.
ToolTip It displays the text when mouse is over the control.
Visible To set visibility of control on the form.
Height It is used to set height of the control.
Width It is used to set width of the control.
AllowMultiple It is used to allow upload multiple files by setting true or false.

FileUpload Property Window

ASP FileUpload 1


Here, we are implementing file upload control in web form.

// WebControls.aspx


// WebControls.aspx.cs

Create a directory into the project to store uploaded files as we did in below screen shoot.


ASP FileUpload 2


Run the code, it produces following output.

ASP FileUpload 3

We are uploading a file c# programs.txt.

ASP FileUpload 4

It displays a successful file uploaded message after uploading as shown in the following screenshot.

ASP FileUpload 5

The file is stored into upload folder. Look inside the folder, it shows the uploaded file is present.

ASP FileUpload 6

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