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ASP.NET Web Forms Project

We are using Visual studio 2017 to create web project. It includes the following steps:

  1. Creating a new project
  2. Click on the file menu from the menu bar and select new -> project.

    ASP Web forms project 1

    Select Project type

    It provides couple of choices but we selecting ASP.NET Web Application.

    ASP Web forms project 2

    Select Project Template

    After selecting project types, now, it asks for the type of template that we want to implement in our application.

    Here, we are selecting Web Forms as because we are creating a Web Forms application.

    ASP Web forms project 3

    After clicking ok, it shows project in solution explorer window that looks like the below.

    ASP Web forms project 4

    This project contains a default.aspx file which is a startup file. When we run the project this file executes first and display a home page of the site.

    We can see its output on the browser by selecting view in browser option as we did below.

    ASP Web forms project 5

    Finally, it shows output in the browser like this:

    ASP Web forms project 6

    Well, we have created a project successfully and running on the browser.

    In next chapter, we will create a new web form and link that within project.

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