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ASP.NET ValidationSummary Control

This validator is used to display list of all validation errors in the web form.

It allows us to summarize the error messages at a single location.

We can set DisplayMode property to display error messages as a list, bullet list or single paragraph.

ValidationSummary Properties

This control has following properties.

Property Description
AccessKey It is used to set keyboard shortcut for the control.
BackColor It is used to set background color of the control.
BorderColor It is used to set border color of the control.
Font It is used to set font for the control text.
ForeColor It is used to set color of the control text.
Text It is used to set text to be shown for the control.
ToolTip It displays the text when mouse is over the control.
Visible To set visibility of control on the form.
Height It is used to set height of the control.
Width It is used to set width of the control.
ShowMessageBox It displays a message box on error in up-level browsers.
ShowSummary It is used to show summary text on the form page.
ShowValidationErrors It is used to set whether the validation summary should be shown or not.


The following example explains how to use ValidationSummery control in the application.

// ValidationSummeryDemo.aspx


It produces the following output when view in the browser.

ASP Validation summary 1

It throws error summary when user login without credentials.

ASP Validation summary 2
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