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Features of Salesforce

Salesforce has started as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, but now it has extended its services in various fields, from Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things. Salesforce features covers all the aspects of a business such as Lead Management, Email Integration, Sales Collaboration, etc. In this topic, we will discuss the popular features of salesforce.

Features of Salesforce

Below are some popular features of Salesforce:

1. Account and Contact Management

The account and contact management feature of Salesforce provides the complete information of each customer. It includes the activity history of each customer, communications done with customers, Key contacts, etc. In simple words, it contains all the information related to customer communication.

2. Opportunity Management

It enables us to manage all the sales deals with the Salesforce and keep connected with the people and information required to complete every deal. It also includes the stage of every deal and what move should we need to take to win the specific deal.

3. Salesforce Engage

Salesforce engage feature allows us to share the marketing content with sales to enhance the company's selling power. It works like a bridge to fill the gap between sales and marketing. It gives real-time sales alerts as per the engagement with the customers.

4. Sales Collaboration

The sales collaboration feature allows the sales team to collaborate with powerful social tools in Salesforce. It also helps to find the experts for sales, share competitive data among the team, etc., to grow the business from anywhere. It allows the sales teams to work together on various sales opportunities and check progress from anywhere.

5. Sales Performance Management

Sales performance management is mostly categorized as compensation management, which varies due to different software tools. This improves the execution of the sales process day-by-day. It provides a metric-based goal setting for the teams and helps the sales team with continuous feedback and rewards.

6. Lead Management

The lead management software solution helps the business by giving information on how the marketing activities impact the sales pipelines. It helps to invest our time in the crucial and trending deals firstly.

7. Salesforce Mobile App

Salesforce Mobile app makes our mobile device a portable sales office. It allows us to make calls, reply to each hot lead, work opportunities, and to see the checkerboards from anywhere. We can manage meetings, events, and accounts update from a single app. Salesforce CRM can be accessed and update from anywhere with the help of the salesforce mobile app.

8. Workflow and Approvals

It allows us to design and automate any business process with the drag-drop option of the visual workflow. It provides flexible approval processes for the sales discount, expenses, etc. It allows business processes to be completed automatically.

9. File Sync and Share

With the File Sync and share feature, we can easily share our files, collaborate on these files, publish the best content, and track all these activities in real-time. We can easily find any file or content from anywhere as all the contents are put at the same place. It eliminates mistakes during sales by publishing the most relevant and accurate content.

10. Sales Forecasting

This feature helps you to get the real-time observations of the entire team's forecast. We can also track the leader-board to know the top performer of the target. It provides a complete view of business so that we can take the required action if necessary.

11. Reports and Dashboards

The dashboard provides a real-time view of the business at a glance. It allows us to create sales forecasting reports without any help from the IT person.

12. Email Integration

Salesforce email-tracking software can be integrated with the Outlook CRM and Gmail to synchronize the contacts, events, and everything to work faster. With the help of Salesforce lightning, we can easily sync our important emails instantly to Salesforce, and it also provides a complete view of the connected customers. The salesforce email composer helps us to compose and send an email to any important contact instantly from anywhere.

13. Territory Management

Territory management helps to build the logical structure of sales territories to provide the right sale to the right customer and get the maximum profit. It enables us to copy the territory model to safely find new alternatives, such as new assignment rules, hierarchies, etc. We can apply a single rule for multiple territories.

14. Partner Management

The partner management builds the partner ecosystem quickly with the Salesforce CRM app. It enhances partner engagement in our business with recruitment, training, and supporting the indirect sales channels. It makes the sales process easier and faster for the partners.

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