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Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Salesforce Service Cloud is the CRM platform to provide services and support to the customers.
  • The Service Cloud is a great customer service platform to give the fast and more personalized services virtually via any possible platform such as phone, email, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms.
  • With the help of service cloud, customers can reach customer support from any platform and get support.
Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce service cloud offers businesses the more vital services that help expand the maintenance and consumer contentment. It helps businesses by enabling them to solve customer issues and requirements through different channels.
  • Salesforce service cloud is a SaaS service, which is built on the Salesforce customer success platform. It provides the customer's 360-degree view to provide smarter, faster and personalized services to the customers.
  • The service cloud is built on different salesforce matrices such as average cases per day, cases by issues, resolution time per customer etc.

Need for Salesforce Service Cloud

In above section, we understood what service cloud is, but why the organization should choose it. So, the answer is, if an organization is concerned about its customer services, then it must choose the Salesforce service cloud. In every domain, whether it is B2B (business to business) or B2C(Business to Customer), the company gets the customer issues or queries that occur in the forms of tickets.

The service agents receive these tickets, and they need to be resolved in the fixed time period to provide the best customer support. The Salesforce Service cloud enables the organization to track, solve, and close these tickets efficiently.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Below are some essential benefits of using the Salesforce Service Cloud:

  • Increases the Agent's Productivity
    With the Service Cloud, agents can log in and work from anywhere, as the salesforce service console can be accessed from any device, such as web-based applications or Mobile devices. It enhances the productivity of an agent, and customer queries get resolved in the allotted time period.
  • Efficient Case Tracking
    The more efficiently the agent tracks the case, the faster it gets resolved. Using the Service cloud, the agent can easily track the cases, and duplicity of any case or human errors get reduced.
  • Integrates with the Social Media Platforms
    Using service cloud functions, the agents can also interact with the customers on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. It helps to build and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Data Security
    With the Service cloud, the customer data, interaction, or any other data is entirely safe and secure. It follows the multilayer approach to keep crucial information more secure.
  • Best Customer Experience
    Using the Service cloud, the companies can enhance the best customer experience by providing one-to-one communication between the customer and agent in real-time. It also helps in enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and customer retention.

Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

There are various services and features that Salesforce service cloud offers. These features may vary from one Salesforce edition to another. The complete set of features are available with the Enterprise and Performance Editions. Here we are discussing some popular features of the Service Cloud:

  1. Lighting Service Console: It provides a unified experience and maximizes the agent's productivity by putting all the required customer information at one place. With the lighting service console, the agents can quickly get every customer-related information such as profiles, case histories, communications, etc., to the dashboards; at one place. The service cloud console provides an integrated view of each case on one screen. It is the personal workspace for each service agent, where they can search case history, respond to any case, and communicate with the customers seamlessly.
  2. Case Management
    In every company, customers need help. Customers may face some issues, compliant, comments, or queries, which can be solved quickly. But, if the customers have any issue with the product or service, it may harm the business by losing that customer. Hence, the customer's issues need to be tracked and solved quickly. These records of customer issues in Salesforce are termed as Cases.
    With the Case Management feature, the companies can efficiently record, track, and solve customer issues. It allows us to generate cases from customer emails or the web form. These cases can be managed in different queues. To solve the cases, different assignment and escalation rules are also defined in Salesforce.
  3. Activities
    The tasks in Salesforce are known as the activities in Salesforce. These activities contain the priority and assignments to the users related to any case or any other salesforce standard or custom object.
  4. CTI Integration or Call Center
    Salesforce service cloud enables the integration of the third-party telephony system with the salesforce CRM using the Computer-telephony integration (CTI) system to develop the industry's leading call center. It helps the service agents by providing the complete view of customer interaction such as popping up window for the incoming calls, automatic dialling, and other phone control options. It enhances customer experience and satisfaction.
  5. Contracts and Entitlements
    This feature of the service cloud helps to determine and ensure that f various contracts and entitlements are done with customers. It contains the records of various service contracts such as Warranties, subscription, maintenance agreements time period, etc., related to the particular customer account for the product. It helps in verifying if the customer is eligible for the service & support or not and if they are receiving the services they are contracted for.
  6. Knowledge Base
    The knowledge base feature is the online library for providing efficient service and support to the customers. With the help of a knowledge base, agents can quickly answer customer queries. Agents can find, copy/paste the answers to solve any customer query.
    Salesforce Knowledgebase is a powerful and integrated tool that allows the company to provide the most relevant answer to customer queries.
  7. Live agent Chat
    The live agent chat feature is the online Service cloud tool that allows the customers to communicate with the service agent through the website. This is the most popular and commonly used feature of the Salesforce service cloud.
  8. Omni-Channel
    The omnichannel feature helps businesses to communicate with customers using various communication channels. Agents can communicate via web, email, phone, mobile live agent, social medial, and video chats. The omnichannel helps the businesses to route the cases to the appropriate agent that occurred from any channel. It provides smart services by automatically matching the cases with the appropriate agent who has the best skills to solve those cases.
  9. Ideas and Answers
    With the ideas and answers feature, the service cloud provides a facility to the agents, customers, internal staff, and partners to provide any new idea, answer the queries, discuss them, and vote accordingly.
  10. Social Customer Services
    The social customer service manages, monitors, and creates a case from tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram, and other social channels. It also helps to resolve those cases in the social channels.
  11. Service Process and Automation
    With the service process and automation, you can save time by automating the internal service processes. It includes approval of any task so that it can be further processed.
  12. Asset and Order Management
    This feature allows the businesses to track the assets, orders, and support history of the customers, all in one place. The agents can get a complete view of customer activity and orders.
  13. Account and Contact Management
    The account and contact management feature helps the businesses to keep the critical data of all the past communications done with the customers. So, if the customer reaches with any complaint, agents can provide them a satisfactory resolution.

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