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How to install NetBeans on Ubuntu 160.4 LTS?


NetBeans is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) written in Java. It is used to create and developed software applications.

It was primarily designed for Java but now supports other programming languages also. It is cross-platform so can work on any operating system.

To install it on Ubuntu, we will follow the following steps.


Following are the some prerequisite to complete installation process.

  • Ubuntu
  • Java
  • login as root login into terminal
  • Internet connectivity

NetBeans Installation

We can install it either by using apt-get install command or by downloading .sh installer from the official site of Oracle.

Install By Using APT

Use the following command to start installation.

Software Netbeans 1

After installing, open the IDE and it will display the start up page.

Well, we have successfully installed NetBeans. Now, we can create or open projects.

Software Netbeans 2

Install By Using Installer

Visit and download NetBeans based on your requirement. See, as we did in the following screen-shot.

Software Netbeans 3

Save the file.

Software Netbeans 4

Move to Download folder because file is stored in Download folder.

Set permission and make file executable.

Software Netbeans 5

Now, install it by using following command. It is a Linux executable file.

Software Netbeans 6

It will pop up an installer that looks like the following.

Software Netbeans 7

Select terms and conditions.

Software Netbeans 8

Provide location to install.

Software Netbeans 9

Finally, installation starts.

Software Netbeans 10

Installation successful.

Software Netbeans 11

NetBeans has been installed successfully. Now, we can open it to create applications. The start page looks like the below.

Software Netbeans 12

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