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How to install PHP7 in Ubuntu 16.04?


PHP is a server side scripting language that is used to create dynamic web applications.

In this tutorial, we are installing and configuring PHP7 so that we can develop PHP based web applications.

This process includes the following steps.

1) Check PHP is available

Software Php 1

It shows that PHP is not installed.

2) Install PHP

Now, install it using following command. It will install PHP latest version by default.

Software Php 2

3) Verify PHP

Use the following command to check PHP version. It will show PHP version details only when it is installed.

Software Php 3

Now, it shows PHP version. It means we have installed PHP successfully.

Extra Info

To test, PHP is working properly. We can execute it over the browser using apache server.

Create a file first.php inside the /var/www/html directory that contains the following code.

// first.php

Now, execute this file using localhost/first.php over the browser. It will produce the following output to the browser.

Software Php 4

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