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JavaFX Bloom effect

Bloom effect is used to glow pixels of some of the portions of the scene. It is represented by the class javafx.scene.effect.Bloom. This class contains various properties which can be set to the certain values in order to apply the appropriate effects.


The properties of the class along with the setter methods are described below.

Property Description Setter Method
input This property is of type effect. It is used to provide an input to the glow effect. setInput(Effect value)
threshold This property is of the type double. It is a minimum value for the luminosity of the pixels. setThresholf(Double value)


  1. public Bloom() : Creates a new instance of the Bloom class with the default parameters.
  2. public Bloom(Double Threshold_Value) : creates a new instance of the Bloom class with the specified parameters.


JavaFX Bloom Effect
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