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JavaFX Ellipse

In general, ellipse can be defined as the geometrical structure with the two focal points. The focal points in the ellipse are chosen so that the sum of the distance to the focal points is constant from every point of the ellipse.

In JavaFX, the class javafx.scene.shape.Ellipse represents Ellipse. This class needs to be instantiated in order to create ellipse. This class contains various properties which needs to be set in order to render ellipse on a XY place.


Property Description Setter Methods
CenterX Horizontal position of the centre of eclipse setCenterX(Double X-value)
CenterY Vertical position of the centre of eclipse setCenterY(Double Y-value)
RadiousX Width of Eclipse setRadiusX(Double X-Radious Vaue)
RadiousY Height of Eclipse setRadiusY(Double Y-Radious Value)

How to create Ellipse?

There are the three main steps which needs to be followed in order to create ellipse

  • Instantiate Ellipse class.
  • Set the requires properties for the class.
  • Add the class object to the group.



JavaFX Ellipse Output
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