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JavaFX Shape Properties

All the JavaFX 2D shape classes acquires the common properties defined by JavaFX.scene.shape.Shape class. In the following table, we have described the common shape properties.

Property Description Setter Methods
fill Used to fill the shape with a defined paint. This is a object <paint> type property. setFill(Paint)
smooth This is a boolean type property. If true is passes then the edges of the shape will become smooth. setSmooth(boolean)
strokeDashOffset It defines the distances in the coordinate system which shows the shapes in the dashing patterns. This is a double type property. setStrokeDashOffset(Double)
strokeLineCap It represents the style of the line end cap. It is a strokeLineCap type property. setStrokeLineCap(StrokeLineCap)
strokeLineJoin It represents the style of the joint of the two paths. setStrokeLineJoin(StrokeLineJoin)
strokeMiterLimit It applies the limitation on the distance between the inside and outside points of a joint. It is a double type property. setStrokeMiterLimit(Double)
stroke It is a colour type property which represents the colour of the boundary line of the shape. setStroke(paint)
strokeType It represents the type of the stroke (where the boundary line will be imposed to the shape) whether inside, outside or centred. setStrokeType(StrokeType)
strokeWidth It represents the width of the stroke. setStrokeWidth(Double)


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