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JavaFX Transformation

Transformation can be defined as the change in form, nature or appearance of the graphics. In JavaFX, the package named as javafx.scene.transform represents all the transformations.

It contains the classes for various types of transformations that are given in the table. The class named as javafx.scene.transform.Transform is the parent class for all the transformation classes.

SN Transformation Description
1 Translation Translation is used to change the position of the node. The class javafx.scene.transform.Translate represents the translation.
2 Rotation Rotation is used to rotate the object from its origin by a certain angle. The class javafx.scene.transform.Rotate represents the rotation.
3 Scaling Scaling is used to alter the size of the node. The class javafx.scene.transform.Scale represents Scaling.
4 Shearing Shearing is used to alter the slope of the object in a particular direction. The class javafx.scene.transform.Shear represents Shearing.

Steps to apply transformation on the node

In JavaFX, applying transformation to a node is pretty easy. We just need to follow the steps given below in order to apply the transformation.

  1. Instantiate the respective class. For example; to create the 2D scale, Use:
  2. where scale is the Scale class object.

  3. Set the appropriate properties of the scale class object. For example, to set the scale object properties, Use the setter methods like following:
  4. Apply the transformation to the respective node. Use the following syntax for this purpose.

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