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Joomla - Private Messages & Emails

Private Messages

The private messaging system is used to send a message to another user without having to email all the registered users. You should have the required permissions to send, read, write, and delete the private messages. The following steps describe how to send private messages through Joomla.

Create a Private Message

To create and send a private message, you need to follow below steps:

Step 1

First, log in to your Joomla account and navigate to the "Components - Messaging - New Private Message" from the Joomla Taskbar.

Joomla Private Messages & Emails

Step 2

You will be redirected into the window where you will get the following fields:

Recipient Choose the person to whom you want to send a message. (Note that you can select the person directly using the icon next to this field)
Subject Type a subject line for the new message in this field.
Message Type the text in this field that you want to send. It provides an editor that contains many options such as bold, italic, heading format, insertion of an image, link, table, etc.

It will look like the following image:

Joomla Private Messages & Emails

All these fields are mandatory to create a message.

Step 3

Click on the "Send" button from the toolbar to send the message to the selected recipient. If you do not want to send a message and want to go back to the previous screen, then click on the "Cancel" button.

Check Private Message

To check a private message, you are required to click on the "Components - Messaging" from the Joomla Taskbar. You will see a list of all the private messages. You need to click on the subject of the message to read the particular message. You can also use the toolbar to perform the following options:

Mark as Read It is used to define that message has been read.
Mark as Unread It is used to define that you have not read the message yet.
My Settings It is used to manage settings related to private messaging. You can perform options like "Lock Inbox, Email New Messages, and Auto-delete Messages".
Trash It is used to delete the selected message.


Email (also known as Electronic Mail) is the method of exchanging messages between people using electronic devices. Joomla provides an option to send bulk emails to a group of registered users.

Mass Emailing

Check out the steps below to understand how to send mass emails in Joomla:

Step 1

Click on the "Users - Mass Mail Users" from the Joomla Taskbar.

Joomla Private Messages & Emails

Step 2

After following the above step, you will get the window, as shown below:

Joomla Private Messages & Emails

This window contains the following options:

Subject It is used to specify the subject of your email.
Message It is used to add the content of the mail. You can write either in plain text or in HTML format.
Mail to Child User Groups If you select this option, your email will be sent to all child groups of the specified parent group.
Send in HTML Mode It is used to send an email in HTML mode.
Send to Disabled Users If you select this option, your email will be sent to disabled users.
Recipients as BCC It is used to hide the recipient list so that the details of other users will be confidential.
Group It is used to specify the user groups to whom you want to send the email.

After filling all the details, click on the "Send email" button from the Joomla Toolbar. You can click on the "Cancel" button if you want to go back to the previous screen.

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