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2022 Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Review

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is becoming very popular among SUV lovers. Its performance, reliability, and stylish design make it stand out, especially its front grill. It has proved itself in the automotive market through its excellent performance.

There are 16 different models of Grand Vitara that Maruti Suzuki offers. The features and price of the car vary from model to model. It is suggested that readers visit the official website of Maruti Suzuki to inquire about the latest price and models of the Grand Vitara.

2022 Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Review

It is important for potential buyers and automotive enthusiasts to review each and every area and feature of the Grand Vitara. With the help of this Grand Vitara review, buyers will be able to find out its strengths and weaknesses and know where it needs improvement. This will ultimately help them take a decision regarding buying this vehicle.

Performance of Different Variants

Talking about the strong hybrid version of the Grand Vitara, many believe that this technology or system has been borrowed from Toyota. The Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder also comes with the same hybrid system. The performance of the hybrid version of Grand Vitara is the most common concern among people, so let's talk about that first.

This hybrid system runs on Atkinson Cycle and consists of an electric motor, battery, and internal combustible engine. Because of this combination, the fuel efficiency of this SUV is awe-inspiring, and it also lowers emissions. The other option you get is the mild-hybrid version, which can also be seen in Brezza and XL6, with a petrol engine.

Grand Vitara offers its automatic version as well, which consists of a six-speed unit. It also has the all-wheel drive version, which makes it a perfect SUV, but the AWD (All Wheel Drive) version is available only in a manual variant.

Talking about the driving experience, it would be fair to say that it is satisfactory. It is important to note that you can only reach a limited top speed if you drive this SUV in electric mode. Also, if you want to continue driving it in electric mode, you must use the throttle gently, or else the vehicle's engine will come into the picture to support the propulsion.

Most buyers use EV mode when they are driving in urban areas, and because of that, they get amazing fuel efficiency. The vehicle does not make any unwanted sound when you run it in electric mode. A dedicated button can be used to turn the vehicle into EV mode, and this SUV will remain in EV mode until the battery of the car does not get discharged.

The all-wheel drive version is amazing as it is very engaging, and if you are driving it off-road, its performance is just outstanding. If you love to go off-road and are searching for an SUV that suits your requirement for off-road driving, then Grand Vitara can be the best choice in such a case. However, hardcore off-road driving is advised to be avoided with this SUV as it might not perform that well in that scenario. But it can also run smoothly on rough surfaces and will be fine even if you plan to travel to Leh-Ladakh with this vehicle.

Buyers of this AWD model also get the option to switch off the AWD mode, and there are several other driving modes available which can be selected as per their preference and situation. The automatic gearbox provided here is easy to use, making driving more manageable and smoother.

If we talk about the ride and handling of the Grand Vitara, it offers great stability on the road, and the driver will not find any difficulty turning the car around corners.

The stability of the SUV on the highway is essential, and in this area, too, Grand Vitara will not disappoint you. The brakes and steering of the Grand Vitara are also very reassuring; because of all this, you will feel more confident driving it. It is also very convenient if you are suddenly changing your direction. Even if you drive it at high speeds, it still goes smoothly through corners without much lean.

Exterior Design

The overall design of the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is very sophisticated and exudes confidence. It is sporty and modern because of its bold lines and sleek contours. The company has paid attention to the subtle nuances of the Grand Vitara's design, as it has carefully crafted body panels and aerodynamic elements that make it stand out from the crowd.

Talking about the exteriors and design of the Grand Vitara, the front grille that comes with it makes it stand out and enhances the road presence of the vehicle. The front grill of the Grand Vitara is unique and is adorned with chrome accents, making it look elegant. The headlights are also a distinctive signature lighting design and provide excellent visibility to the driver at night. However, it should be noted that the headlight of this SUV comes with two options: one is LED, and the other one is Halogen. But, both these headlight options are best in their segment.

Moving to the design (especially the sides of the Grand Vitara), it offers a very muscular appearance, and the wheel arches are also perfectly made, enhancing its look from the sides. What makes it more beautiful is the alloy wheels used here, and these wheels give it a very aesthetic look and are openly appreciated by many SUV enthusiasts. The size of these alloy wheels is 17 inches, giving this SUV a premium look.

In the back, the Grand Vitara comes with very stylish tail lamps extending from one end to another, enhancing the SUV's look from the back. Not only the look but the visibility that it provides is also awe-inspiring. This stylish design of the tail lamp gives it a modern look, as many SUVs nowadays offer tail lamps which extend from one end to the other and are also highly liked by buyers. There is also a spoiler, which is mounted on the roof of the Grand Vitara, making it look more sporty and stylish.


When you step inside the Grand Vitara, its captivating interior will leave a long-lasting impression. The car's dashboard has some metal brackets and a layered design and is also decorated using chrome accents, making the dashboard look more dashing and premium. The company has done everything to give a premium look to the interiors of this SUV, like double stitching, quality of leather and plastics used. The dashboard is covered in leather, which gives it a luxury touch. Whatever has been used gives it an advanced look.

2022 Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Review

The best part of this SUV is its huge panoramic sunroof filling the cabin with natural light. Also, both the sunroof glasses can be easily slid back, making the cabin more airy. However, the cloth sunshade provided here is quite thin and transparent, because of which a lot of heat comes in.

If you look around the cabin, you will find some familiar components that are functional and designed perfectly. The vents and the air conditioning controls are well placed, efficiently controlling the car's environment from the inside. There is also an infotainment system, a touchscreen with a size of 9 inches. It is positioned very well for easy readability. The strong hybrid variant of the Grand Vitara offers a screen-based instrument panel in which multiple modes and display options are available. While some minor areas on the top of the dashboard and lower half may lack premium quality, the overall solidity and robustness of the dashboard and cabin create a sense of durability, which is highly desirable in an SUV.


The main priority has been given to the comfort of the Grand Vitara, as the seating arrangements have been perfected so that you love it. The front seats are comfortable for drivers (and passengers) of all heights as they offer a great width, good bolstering, and fantastic support.

Some variants of Grand Vitara come with cooled seats, making it more comfortable for the driver and the passenger. Cooled seats are in high demand in high-end vehicles, and the Grand Vitara is no exception. Another important aspect is the legroom offered in the rear cabin. In the case of the Grand Vitara, passengers get ample legroom in the rear cabin, and the rear seats are comfortable as well. You will not feel any discomfort even if you are tall. But, indeed, the legroom provided by its competitors like Creta or Seltos is more than Grand Vitara's legroom.

Its headroom is also enough for people below six feet, but passengers above six feet might need more headroom. Still, the seating position is going to be comfortable for them too. The seats have given adjustable headrests, which can be reclined too if required; all these features increase the comfort of the SUV.


Grand Vitara is way ahead of all its competitors regarding features, as it is exceptionally well-equipped. It has been equipped with many standard features and some advanced technologies. For better visibility of the driver, it has a 360-degree camera, a wireless charging facility, and a heads-up display that displays all the essential information to the driver, and you also get the option to connect your Android or Apple devices to the car wirelessly.

One other smart technology provided in the SUV is remote air conditioning start which allows you to have better control of the vehicle's climate in advance. It has also provided rear AC vents for the rear passengers and ports for USB A and USB C charging. Also, the rear seats can be split in a 60:40 configuration, which is more useful for the hybrid version of the Grand Vitara as it doesn't have a huge boot space.


Another important aspect we must remember to discuss if we plan to buy any vehicle is its safety. In the case of Grand Vitara, the company has not compromised on its safety and has equipped the vehicle with a set of safety features. It comes with rear disc brakes, which improve the vehicle's braking power to the next level.

In addition to disc brakes, if you are driving it in a terrain area, it has given some more unique features to make it safer and give you better vehicle control. It has a hill hold assist and electronic stability, proven helpful in off-road driving. You will also get dual airbags in every variant of the Grand Vitara. The Vitara ranges from the base to the top model, but in some of the higher variants, you also get curtain airbags, which make it even safer.

Verdict: The Grand Vitara - The Right SUV at the Right Time

After analyzing all the features and performance of the Grand Vitara, it can be said that it is one of the best SUVs you can get in the price range in which it falls. The actual game changer for the Maruti Suzuki in the case of the Grand Vitara is the hybrid system it borrowed from the company Toyota. Because of this strong Hybrid system, the Grand Vitara's fuel efficiency has been greatly enhanced. Also, its "All Wheel Drive" system and the 1.5 Dual Jet engine make it perfect for off-road driving.

Overall, not only the powerful engine and hybrid system are the things that make it more impressive, but the exterior design also makes it look like an exotic SUV and has everything to give the onlookers the feel of a real SUV.

The performance of the Grand Vitara on the road is decent. Talking about the space in the rear, it could have been more spacious than its competitors like Creta and Seltos. Also, the boot size of the hybrid version of the Grand Vitara could be more spacious because the battery with which this variant comes takes up a lot of space in the vehicle's boot.

Regarding the Grand Vitara's price, the top model of Grand Vitara, i.e., Alpha+, comes with an ex-showroom price (Delhi) of around Rs. 19.79 lakh. In terms of fuel efficiency, the strong hybrid model of Grand Vitara is the real winner, but it is a little bit more costly than its competitors like Creta or Toyota Hyryder.

Grand Vitara has already established itself in the market as it has received many bookings from customers. It has everything that an SUV lover would want in a vehicle, like performance, looks and great quality of materials used; all these things make this SUV an ideal choice.

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