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Lexus UX300e Review

Lexus UX300e is said to be one of the Japanese luxury brand automobiles that one can have. Lexus has been synonymous with hybrid and plug-in-hybrid power automobiles. The UX300e is one of the first ventures in the world of electric vehicles.

Lexus UX300e Review

The Lexus UX300e is one of the most-liked electric cars due to its striking looks. Its design and interior are not only appealing but eye-catching too. It comes with a 54.35kWh slab of battery and a 150kW magnet motor. Lexus claims that UX300e has a driving range of over 300km.

Specifications of Lexus UX300e

Powering Mechanism Electric motor
Power 150kW
Horsepower 204 hp (201 bhp)
Torque 300Nm
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity 54.3 kWh
Drive Range 300 km
Warranty 8 years / Unlimited km
Safety Rating 5 NCAP
Latest Driving Rate 7.6/10
Economy 15kWh/100km

Features of Lexus UX300e


The exterior of the Lexus UX300e is bright and shiny. The car is somewhat shorter in length, width, and height but holds enough space to grab people's attention. At the front, the big, bold grille with the trademark Lexus, LED headlight unit, and daytime running lights has always been the centre of attraction for the customers. Many character lines on the face show the freehand artwork of Lexus designers.

The UX300e stands on 17-inch alloy wheels. The alloy's design is sporty, which gives the visual appeal of the electric vehicle. The only thing where this model has dominated its stylish persona is the large wheel arches. The car's rear side includes LED lights that overhang with a strip light bar.

So, there is nothing dramatic about the look of the car. It's simple yet attractive and well-liked by people.


The interior of the Lexus is a mix of textures and a slightly confusing array of buttons. The UX300e has a 10.3-inch display in the centre console. The centre console is decently sized in the Lexus UX300e with two USB-A power outlets. The seats of the UX300e are comfortable and electrically adjustable. They are soft and vented, making them suitable enough for regular usage. The electric steering column has also been provided to position the steering so a person can comfortably sit and handle the steering.

The car has a unique gear shifter with slightly different actions for driving and reversing. It also has an electric park brake and touchpad to control the infotainment display. The dashboard is built using good quality materials and hence looks premium. There is quality material provided for the passengers in the back seats as well. The seats are very comfortable for children but can be uncomfortable for adults. Five adults sitting in the car may feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, especially in long-distance travel. Also, the boot is sophistically measured, which is 367L. Overall, the space inside the UX300e is enough, and the rear seats also support a 60:40 split mechanism. This eventually helps extend the boot space to some extent.

Drive and Range Traits

The drive traits of UX300e are pretty good?the 54.3kWh battery and electric motor power the front wheels. With this combination, Lexus has provided the UX300e with 201 bhp and 300 Nm of torque. These numbers are decent compared to other electric cars. The temperament of this car is curious, even with the sport mode turned off. The steering is steady, and the suspension of it makes it sustainable enough to move on road craters and speed breakers.

The Lexus UX300e drivability range averages around 300 km per charge. However, the company claims that it can go up to 450 km/ per charge. The range typically varies based on the road and weather conditions. It also has a charge gauge, much like petrol and diesel power cars.

Safety and Technology

The safety of the Lexus UX300e is excellent. Eight airbags for emergencies might help occupants in the event of a crash. There is a set-up for emergency situations in which braking is controlled by the forward-facing radar, which operates based on traffic sign recognition and lane tracing.

The Autonomous braking in the car also works for pedestrian day and night. The brake assistance and rear cross-traffic alert are also provided. Apart from this, there is low-speed autonomous emergency braking for a city-focused vehicle. When the car is moving at a speed of more than 15 km/h, front and rear sensors automatically send alerts when an object (such as another vehicle) is near the car. It helps the driver to take appropriate action on time and prevent any unwanted accidents.

Price and Colors

The Lexus UX300e is an expensive car that everyone can't afford. It ranges between Rs. 75-85 lakhs. The price of the car also depends on the variant one goes for. The battery of the car is also very costly. Lexus provides a complimentary at-home charger for the asked price and three years of charging via the charge box.

The Lexus UX300e is available in various colours like Onyx black METTALIC, Caliente red metallic, Celestial Blue, Graphite black, Mercury grey, Titanium Silver, Carnelian orange, Khaki green, Sonic Quartz white, and Sonic chrome grey.


The Lexus UX 300e is an excellent electric car, but it costs a lot. Its driving range is satisfactory. Anyone can choose this if the price is not a concern. No doubt, it will provide comfort to the rider and give him a feeling of luxury. It is a great high-budget car to maintain a luxurious lifestyle.

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