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Citroen C5 Aircross Facelift Review

Citroen C5 Aircross Facelift is one of the most stylish and expensive cars launched by Citroen at around Rs. 36.67 lakhs starting price. It is not just a car but a luxury to many as it provides good space to a person and makes them comfortable while driving. It has a stunning exterior look, which makes it look attractive and eye-catching.

Citroen C5 Aircross Facelift Review

The car is good-looking and modern, with a slimmer grille in front. The car's bumper looks chunky with the double chevron logo on its badge. The double-chevron logos are finished in black with appealing chrome outlines, enhancing the overall look.

Specifications of Citroen C5

Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Displacement (cc) 1997
No. of cylinders 4
Maximum Power (bhp@rpm) 174.33bhp@3750rpm
Maximum Torque (nm@rpm) 400Nm@2000rpm
Seating Capacity 5
Fuel Tank Capacity 52.5L
Transmission Type Automatic
Body Type SUV

Features of Citroen 5


The exterior of the car is quite clear from the image itself. But it's essential to go into details to make things transparent. So, the front look has a slimmer grille and a double-chevrons logo in the middle. The bumper is redesigned with a pleasing look, which lets in more air. The rear of the car is almost identical to the front; it's just that the rear is barring the new tail lamps. Even the side profile of the car looks stunning due to its curvy shape.

The car is available in various shiny colors, making it bright and different from any other car in the market. The seven available color combinations are Cumulus Gray with Black Roof, Pearl White with Black Roof, Eclipse Blue with Black Roof, Pearl White, Cumulus Gray, Perla Nera Black, and Eclipse Blue. The car's dimensions are identical to the other SUV cars. The dimensions of the Citroen C5 Aircross facelift are 4500 mm x 2099 mm (Mirror Open) x 1710 mm in length, width, and height, and have a wheelbase of 2730 mm.

There are also LED visons headlamps with LED DRLs (daytime running lights). The radar sensor is placed in the square box at the bottom below the bumper, which helps provide cruise control. The other thing that can be observed is the wheels of the car. The 18-inch alloy wheel has 235/55 section Michelin Primacy 3 tyers. The disc brakes have been provided at the rear for smooth braking and control.

Besides, a panoramic sunroof can be found in any other car above 20+ lakh rupees, and Citroen C5 Aircross Facelift is no exception. Talking about the rear, the three-dimensional LED tail lights found at the rear are the same as its front core, but the detailing or design is somewhat different. To enhance its rear profile, the rear bumpers consist of fake vents and dual exhausts.


The interior of the car is as much fascinating as its exterior. The black theme of the dashboard makes it look dashing and appealing. The cabin is found to be clean in terms of its design. The soft-touch material is used on the dashboard to get a comfortable touch. The quality of the material used to make the cabin is good. The plastic parts, such as the glovebox and parts of the door pad, feel simple.

Citroen C5 Aircross Facelift Review

The small steering is placed perfectly, which makes it easy to hold. The buttons are provided to control the basic features of the car. The paddle shifters are mounted on the steering column. If we talk about the display, it is a normal display with three pods that can be customized to display the information one wants. The drive and traction modes have been placed in the same menu. One will have to scroll down from drive modes to select traction modes.

Coming to the door pads, they are black and made of leather. The seats are also black, made using 'Claudia' leather and fabric. It is more appealing and eye-catching than other outdoor cars, which usually have a lighter grey shade. The driver's front seat is packed with cushioning to make it comfortable for the driver over long drives. The front passenger seat offers manual adjustments, which help one move the seat upward or downward according to preference. The notable problem with earlier Citroen cars is that the center fascia is on the left, but in the Citroen C5 Aircross facelift, Citroen has somehow adjusted it to the right.

There is a big 10-inch unit touchscreen. It performs satisfactorily by providing a good display with a quick touch response, but it could be better in terms of responsiveness. One will have to navigate through multiple menus to find any specific option or feature. The vehicle settings are accessible through the touchscreen itself. The touchscreen menu buttons have been provided below the central A/C vents, which is annoying, distracting a driver from driving while operating the touchscreen.

There is wireless charging provided in the facelift, along with a USB port. The center console is redesigned by reducing the number of buttons that were found earlier. The engine start button is on the top left area of the center console. After this button, one can find the e-Toggle gear selector, which is tiny, and one would have to press the 'P' and 'M' buttons to engage the 'Park' and 'Manual' modes. Then, there is a drive mode selector and an electric parking brake. There is also a good storage space with a rubberized base. The cupholders get enough lights from all sides.

Last but not least, there are three separate seats at the rear of the car. These are good for fit and slim people, but the heavier ones may require more effort. The other satisfactory thing about this car is there is a huge 580-liter luggage boot with a perfect shape. The opening is wider, which makes it easy to load the luggage, and if the seats are folded, it gives 1630 liters of cargo capacity.

Citroen C5 Aircross Facelift Review

Engine, Ride, and Handling of Citroen C5 Aircross

The car carries a 2-liters diesel engine and provides outputs of 174.5bhp and 400NM. There is an 8-speed automatic with a Front Wheel Drive (FWD). The performance is good, with the C5 accelerating swiftly, and the auto-box works seamlessly in the background. There is also a paddle shifter that helps to take manual control.

When we talk about riding, it is this car's biggest strength. It can be taken on rough or deteriorated roads. The bumps are handled nicely, driving it over broken patches conveniently. The car's suspension doesn't create any noise, which makes it a good car. The ride quality is worth the price.

The handling of Citroen C5 is also good. The steering wheel is straight, but there needs to be a bit of body roll, and Citroen makes sure it doesn't need to be pushed hard. Overall, the handling of the car is quite satisfactory.


The Citroen C5 Aircross is one of the most stunning cars among all SUV cars in terms of its design, engine, interior, and exterior. It's best considered for the comfort that it provides. Despite its drawbacks like low-speed ride, lack of certain features, and rear seat comfortability, it's still better than other cars. The only hurdle that one may face is its price. But if one wants comfort and something unique, then one has to spend money. The brand offers a 'Citroen Future Sure Package' with Routine Maintenance, Roadside Assistance, and Extended Warranty to a car's owner. This car has many rivals like Volkswagen Tiguan, Jeep Compass, and Hyundai Tucson. The Tucson is worth Rs. 33 lakhs, cheaper than Citroen C5. But according to Citroen's performance and design, it's worth it.

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