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Mercedes- AMG GT63 S E Performance Review

The performance car of Merc which is also known as AMG that has come a long way from its early days and has launched a new car known by the name of Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE.

This company was born on the race track, and one that started making road cars with crazy engine swaps, AMG has become a lead of an extra limb for Mercedes Benz, a luxurious brand.

It has to be noted that AMG as a brand not only runs the Formula One team, which is a sports team, but it also makes high-performance cars that are a version of everyday marks, but it also owns cars that are not based on regular Mercedes models and are for exceptional people who love speed and extra drive.

Mercedes- AMG GT63 S E Performance Review

The very first car that AMG launched was gull-winged SQL, which was followed by its replacement known as the 2-door GT and then came another version of this car known as 4 door GT. The latest news showcases that AMG has used its Formula One technology to bring us with the version of the 4 door GT one car that competes exactly with Formula One hybrid derived technology.

According to the company, this car has a combined 843 HP, which is a remarkable accomplishment in its own. What makes this car even more remarkable is its supercar-like torque of 1470 Nm, which makes it stand out from the rest.

In this review article, will answer all the questions related to this exclusive car. From just how good is the GT in our challenging conditions? How comfortable is it over our roads? Can it handle our speed Breakers, and you put down and enjoy all that performance? So, sit back, relax, and read this review article to know more about the Mercedes AMG GT63 S E performance review given by many reviewers.

Mercedes AMG GT63 S E Performance Hybrid Powertrain and Gearbox

The Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE performance is a first plugin hybrid, a PHEW car. It has an amazing plugin system, but according to many reviewers, this plugin system is not efficient. The electric motor that is present in the car delivers around 204hp of extra kick.

This car has a special feature, it is integrated with the rear axle and runs a lively 400 Volt architecture-first speedy transfer of electrons. According to many reviewers, the car uses an almost 2-speed gearbox so that it can deliver an efficient and effective E-boost to both low and high-speed roads.

The electric power is stored in a small liquid-cooled 6.1 kWh battery. This battery is constantly topped up by the engine that is on the move, and this battery is inspired by F1 technology, and it also uses 560 cylindrical cells that are cooled at twice the speed of a regular battery.

Mercedes- AMG GT63 S E Performance Review

According to many reviewers, there is one point that has to be noted by each and every driver: The pack is so compact; it is mounted at the top electric motor at the rate, so you might get very quick responses when torque fill is required by the vehicle. Also, there is an improvement in the traction at the rare, due to which the weight on the rear axle, front and rear weight distribution takes place.

Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance Exterior and Interior

As far as the interior and exterior of the car is concerned, it is almost similar to the non-hybrid GT. There is a presence of a front bumper that is more fleshed out, and you get some active errors. The wheels of the car are larger than 22s, and you may also get some carbon ceramic brakes for better thermal management. When you will have a look at the rear, you will also have a look at the red background that will attract the eye of the person sitting in the car.

Steering Wheel

The most significant change that you will see inside the car is the addition of the new AMG steering wheel. The instrument panel gains new modes that provide information about the functioning of the hybrid electric system, and they will also have the buttons that opens the baffles of the exhaust that now increases the spacecraft-like sound made from the EV system giving a luxurious feel to the driver.

Mercedes- AMG GT63 S E Performance Review

Car Seats

The seats at front are larger and are very sporty. Lateral support is superb, they hold you well even on a track and the fact that they are comfortable and easily adjustable makes them so much nicer, comfortable and bring them to much use.

Critics View on Interior

It has to be noted that the seats aren't much comfortable, you will have seat cushioning which is quite hard according to the reviewers, there is not much space given in the seat, and this is true for the rare seats as well which are pretty sporty but are not ideal for long commutes and over bad roads.

According to many viewers, there is a reasonable amount of space in the rear. You can also see that the car gets a central tunnel in the back with an info screen, making it much more luxurious and stylish.

Performance Power, Battery Range, Ride and Handling

Now that is the heart of the car. Before we begin to the ride and handling, let us first have a look at how it drives in the EV mode. Electric only range with the battery topped up, and it's just about 12 km. However, this is good if you want to go out to wonder around the town and show the world your new car.

Guide to start EV Mode

Now let us have a look at the step-by-step guide to start the EV mode on the AMG steering wheel. To start you need to select EV mode on the AMG steering wheel.

First you need to hit the start button and take off just like you are driving an EV car. It feels quite strange, especially when you know there is Burley AMG V8 front but the power available is sufficient for downtown driving, and it will also give you a comfortable ride.

The AMG even puts out on an appropriate EV spaceship-like wine; a legal requirement in some countries.

According to many reviews, the car has an improved suspension and rides marginally better than previous Mercedes cars. It is now more compliant in comfort and also manages to clamber over more speed Breakers quite well and efficiently. It will hurdle over larger bumps and ridges, and core surfaces increase road space misappropriated.

Still, these don't impact comfort levels for the person who is sitting inside the car, and AMG GT is a great car in which you can easily cruise the main street roads clustered and even if they have lousy construction, this luxurious vehicle will ensure comfort.

Mercedes- AMG GT63 S E Performance Review

According to many viewers, there is a bit of hesitation at lower engine speeds. You might face some integration of the engine and motor that is called outstanding for the most of the parts, there is some amount of hesitation and some mechanical click that you may face at low engine speed. This incidence usually takes place in the second and the 3rd, especially when you are on and off the throttle.

It has to be noted that AMG cars are not just for roaming around, and the real character of the car come flooding through once the muscular V8 feature is brought up.

According to the many first drivers, they initially lost the AMG world of Rolling Thunder and pops and bangs, reveling in the fantastic soundtrack that they enjoyed with their right foot, but as soon as their attention shifted to the sledgehammer, they were experiencing every time thunder when the geared up with their right foot on the gear.

Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance Price and Final Verdict

The plug-in hybrid version costs 3.3 crore and cost of the GT 4 door is around ?60 Lakh more than the previous GT. However, you get a lot for the extra cash. One feature that the majority of the owners will appreciate is the option to run EV mode for brief periods of time. The Formula-1 derived hybrid system dramatically improves the hybrid power strains, rapid torque, and reaction, and it's straight-line performance is supercar-like.

It even has the room, capacity, and opulent interior to seat 4 people comfortably. And the new model rides much better. However, compared to a non-hybrid vehicle, dynamics and handling are far less precise. Although the 460 kg of extra hardware prevents the GT 63 SE performance from driving like a 2 door GT, it still has the agility of something considerably lighter and is a tone of joy to drive hard.

Overall, it is a tiny amount for all the divisional performance and green credentials, which are essential in today's world.

The Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE performance should dispel any idea that AMG electrified future will put the V8 at risk. Despite having a plug-in hybrid powertrain, a 201 bhp electric motor complements 4.0 litre V8. This results in 831 bhp and an over booster of 1084 lb feet of torque for this 2.4 tonne 5 door coupe.

Efficiency of the Car

The battery is modest and only provides 8 miles of running on electricity in order to reduce weight and maintain some form of boot. Now the question arises for the CO2? The drivers of company cars received no benefit either because that is a potent 196 gram per kilometer; without a doubt, this performance is exceptional.

Mercedes- AMG GT63 S E Performance Review

In the final word direct, we will also be talking about a luxury lining; with plenty of quilted leather, carbon fiber trim, and high-resolution digital displays for the instrumentation and infotainment, first impressions are filled truly excellent.

If you look closely, you will see some FLIMSIER, then they should be switches and quite quickly- plastics for 1,80,000 luxury item.

At least it is generally simple to use. There are still some physical switches and buttons for the heating because the GT 63 is essentially an E Class denied.

Space for passengers is much the same as the regular GT 63, although the battery pack still takes a sizeable chunk out of the available boat size.

How is Driving Like?

For optimal economy, the Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE performance always starts up in comfort. The AMG stairway to madness has 6 more steps to climb golden electric, winter sports sport, race, and individual.

For bad road driving, the reviewers preferred sport or sports press, which had not specially tighter body control without turning the spring and damper components into loose sticks.

Mercedes- AMG GT63 S E Performance Review

Even though the powerful power strains perks 831 bhp and 1084lb ft of torque are only available for 10 seconds at a time, the racer modes enhances the response of the engine. You will have to suffice with 748bhp and 848lb ft if over-boost has yet to be activated. Thankfully, all 4 wheels received the drive, although you can still activate the traction control in second and 3rd on extremely sleek winter conditions.

When this slender pedal first touches the floor mat, performance is potent enough to inspire colorful language. Although you would anticipate it to be quick off the line, the east performance ruth has the gain speed as it approaches triple digits beans, and is far superior to vehicles like the BMW M8 Gran coupe. The Porsche Panamera Turbo SE hybrid would get closer, but the last 4 door vehicle we drove with this kind of acceleration had a Tesla batch on the nose.

Does this AMG sound like a proper AMG?

The 4.0 liter V8 is as rich and loud as you would expect, with fireworks available on the overrun and baritone bellow is overlaid with chirps and whistles from the turbos. It is a surprise that the noise of the electric carbons, with the motor binding away when producing power and of while harvesting energy under brakes

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