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Maruti Suzuki Fronx 1-litre Turbo Review

Before proceeding to the review, we first need to know the car's look. The car may look like a small, funky crossover, but the new Maruti Suzuki Fronx 1-litre Turbo is actually almost a local like of Baleno car that Tata launched and it is not a bad thing at all because the new Baleno is pretty impressive car with a lot of new features and a comfortable fun ride.

In this review, we will try and learn everything about the brand new Maruti Suzuki car.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx 1-litre Turbo Review

According to many reviewers, after driving this comfortable car, it's safe to conclude that the Maruti Suzuki Fronx 1-litre Turbo have all the makings that will make it another strong seller of Maruti. Now let us have a deep dive into the positioning of the new Maruti Suzuki Fronx 1-litre Turbo with absolutely new features and comfort.

Fronx is a part of the Maruti SUV and has a crossover line up and it also sits below the Brezza and the Jimny car. To have a look at the features and the look of the car, naturally, it's all about the butch designing ingredients to make it look more substantial, like the Baleno car that was also launched by Maruti Suzuki.

So, it can be said that this car has a large bumper with stylish headlights, and it also has a green look that's more classy and a pretty substantial dose of black cladding all around, which looks absolutely stylish.

According to many reviewers, they eventually liked the look of Fronx, and also some of them stated it as their favorite angle of the car. This car is genuinely the best-looking car launched by Maruti, and it has also done a good job of differentiating it from the previous version of Baleno car that also succeeded well.

Tail Light as a Highlight

While we are talking about the features of the car, we must remember the tail lights that are launched in this car. Many reviewers like the detailing of the tail lights and the one-piece light bath that joins the tail light units, which gives the car an absolutely new style; stylist and esthetic look.

Road Presence of Fronx

When it comes to size and road presence, this car has 3995 mm in length, 1765 mm in with, and its mouth of 1550 mm away from the ground, insuring a comfortable ride, and it also has an amazing ground clearance which is required to drive a car in India.

Now if we compare this car with the previously launched Baleno, you will definitely see that Maruti Suzuki Fronx is a more substantial car, and it is going different from the real-world sizes that are launched by various companies in terms of compact cars.

Wheel Base of Fronx

Now let us have a look at the wheelbase of the Fronx car, the wheels base of the Fronx and the Baleno is identical, so it's not like you are going to get more room inside the cabin, but you will definitely have a nice drive, and you can also enjoy this car with Family.

Hatchback of Fronx

According to many reviewers, the hatchback of this car is almost similar to the other Maruti's car, in fact, way more upmarket. And if it comes to familiarity, everything from the steering wheel, the center console, and the seats are exactly the same that we get to see in Baleno. It has to be noted that many reviewers have appreciated the premium ambience of the cabin, but it also looks quite identical to other similarly priced Maruti cars.

The most important factor that tall people look for in the car is the leg space. In the premium Fronx car, you will experience a good leg space at the back seat. According to reviewers, it might be a bit too flat for some people but good under thigh support and Cushioning can make your mind more comfortable and even if you want to enjoy a long drive, this car is good to go.

This car has higher seats as compared to other Maruti launch car, and the whole reason behind this is the mechanical changes and the cabin height that is almost similar to banana, but it is quite spacious.

The Exterior of Maruti Suzuki Fronx

Let us talk about the Maruti Suzuki Fronx exterior design.

The Fronx launched by Maruti Suzuki differs from an SUV as much as Maruti Suzuki would like the audience to believe. It is almost based on the Baleno, so its roots are deep in hatchback territory, and a billion on stills is what we, as an audience, expected from Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx 1-litre Turbo Review

However, when this car got launched in Auto Expo in January, the audience understood why Maruti Suzuki kept hammering home the SUV pitch. We were not only adequately impressed but also very horrified by what we saw when the covers were removed. Since Maruti Suzuki doesn't excel much in design or style, we as an audience, didn't had much high hopes for this car and thought it would be another sloppy attempt to stick a few scuff plates and a bit of plastic ladling on the Baleno car previously launched.

But this statement is not valid. However, the designer of the front edges did a fantastic job of changing the banana hatchback in 2 of the vehicle that, from some angles, has a real SUV presence and gives a new style. The Fronx looks best from the front, resembling the Grand Vitara more than the Baleno.

The triangular headlight cluster with 3 projector lamps, halogen for the delta and sigma variance, and left for the higher one set deeply inside their housings, as well as the rest bonnet, large grill, and deep chin, gives its front strong SUV credentials similar to the Grand Vitara, there are no fog lights or any way to adapt them.

Rear View of Fronx

The Baleno is completely absent from the rear, defined by strong scuff plates that rise very high from under the bumper and a pair of short tail lamp clusters joined by a light strip. The tailboard is also highly new. The doors, which appear identical to those on Baleno but have a different cross-section and thickness, have squared fenders and wheel arches.

The Fronx has the same coupe-like silhouette as the piano and all the credit goes to Buenos glasses so calling it an SUV COEA newly coined term and category would position it the most properly.

Fronx View from the Side

From the side you will see that Fronx has a generous 190 mm ground clearance which is almost good as 20 mm, which was present in Baleno. The more significant, 5mm taller, 195/60 R 16 tires and upgraded suspension caused the increased ride height. The alloy wheels, however, are little lost beneath the inflated wheel arches despite an increase in the size of the wheels and the overall tire diameter.

However, the Fronx looks fantastic overall, and its style is a key component of its attractiveness.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx 1-litre Turbo Review

Interior of Maruti Suzuki Fronxand its Features

Inside the cabin, the Fronx and Baleno are almost identical, and they are not similar from the outside. And that's not a bad thing because the interior of the new Baleno are quite excellent, and the Fronx interior shows some improvement in the hatchback quality.

The heavily curved, soft-touch dashboard is identical as well, with a few slight variations in shapes, colors, and textures. The toggle type air conditioning switches, which are well damped, illuminated, and feel excellent to operate and provide a luxury touch to the cabin, and are also retained.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx 1-litre Turbo Review

The equipment levels are also very nice for its intended class. There has been a launch of a 9.0-inch touch screen, and it is one of the best units around and impresses the audience with its responsiveness.

It has a high resolution, and it also has newly launched voice commands that help the audience sitting at the back also enjoy the music they want to hear; there is also a launch of wireless Apple car play and Android Auto with air updates that help the audience with different devices to enjoy their own music or FM.

The introduction of the heads-up display, also known as HUD in the Baleno, became its signature feature and was carried onto the Fronxcar. The hub showcases details like speeds, the status of the fuel, and the selected gear that the driver takes up.

Critics' Views on Interior

The critics also point out that there is also a list of missing features that can be found in regular cars these days, including vacuum seats, digital dials, and sunroof. But, this car has brought something new that wasn't present in Baleno: a wireless phone charger that gives the person a stress-free drive.

The critics have also pointed out that the scuffle-located roof liner that was also present in the Baleno car and was also criticized at that time has also been put forward in the Fronxcar. This scruffy-looking knitted roof liner stands out from the other compact SUVs that have a more luxurious and premium woven finish for the roof that gives a stylish and luxurious feel to the owner of the car.

Space and Comfort

In the space and comfort category, we will cover how there is leg space and the making of the seats. In Baleno, the car's strength was always the space and comfort. In the Fronx car, we can also see that it has gained an edge over its rival as most compact SUVs are short on space, especially in the rear seats, but this car gives great leg space, especially for the tall people.

The front seats are very much comfortable as they have a springy softness that was also present in the Baleno, and also this time, Maruti has given it an additional layer of comfort. As you mentioned earlier, the space at the rate seat is exceptionally well, especially for the tall 2 passengers, they can easily stretch their legs and relax.

It has to be noted that there is no armrest placed at the back seat of the car which eventually gives a seat to the 3rd person, making this car 5-seater.

Fronx has an adjustable headrest for the middle passenger, a feature that was missing in Baleno. It also has a 3-point belt feature so that all the passengers traveling at the back also have safety.

In this car, you will also get an amazing and new feature of rare air-con vents, and you can easily pair USB ports-a type C and a standard one. The car's boot could be more spacious if we look at the class standards.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx Engine Performance

What sets Fronx apart from the rest of the Maruti Suzuki cars and especially from Baleno is the return of the 100 HP 1.0 litre 3-cylinder booster jet engine. There is the presence of 1.0 turbo petrol which is exclusive only in the Fronx car as of now, and the company has made a claim to update it to meet the latest BSS 6 Phase 2 emissions norms and get Maruti Suzuki's Evergreen 48V mild hybrid system making the car more budget-friendly.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx 1-litre Turbo Review

There are only 2 ways through which you can get the booster variant with 2 transmission options: you can get it through a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed torque converter which is the same present in an IN unit that can be seen in Brezza but it is pleasant with a different gearing in the latter mentioned car.

It has to be noted that the base performance of the Fronx gets the tried and tested 90 HP 1.2 litre K series engine, which is almost similar to Baleno, and it is also made to a 5-speed manual or you may get an option of 5 speed AMT gearbox.

Motor of the Car

The motor of the car does not have an OMPH, the mid-range search you expect from a turbo, and though it drives freely and vigorously to almost 6000 rpm, due to which outright performance, falls a bit short.

6-speed automatic to have since it provides a smoother ride and has an additional ratio to maximize the 147.6 Nm of torque the engine produces. During routine driving, the tour converter intelligently adjusts so that the driver is always in the appropriate gear at the appropriate time. Only when you apply significant pressure in a lower gear, such as first or second, does the gearbox have a protracted lag before engaging, nearly like an AMT.

The good thing about this Asian device is that it has paddle shifters. In manual mode, Fronx automatically uplifts but will instead let you head, but these 6000 rpm limit liter until you click the right paddle.

Fuel Efficiency

Maruti Suzuki has always excelled at fuel efficiency, so it should come as no surprise that the Fronx1.0 booster jet boosts best-in-class fuel efficiency figures of 21.5 kpl and 2.01 kpl for the manual and automatic, respectively on the test cycle.

Turbo change petrol vehicles are quite sensitive to throttle inputs, and depending on how you drive, consumption estimates might vary greatly. Don't take these numbers at face value; instead wait for your road test, where we will put it through our predetermined cycles and get the real world numbers. Push too hard, and efficiency will suffer.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx Ride and Handling

The Fronx fields firmly grounded despite the highest suspension, and Maruti Suzuki did a fantastic job of keeping the ride and handling as similar to the Baleno as they could.

Low body role and super high-speed dynamics are also present. Although it is not uncomfortable or jeering, the ride is undoubtedly former than the Balenos' and on uneven roads, there is a considerable amount of vertical movement.

The Fronx does have a comfortable right, but it costs over speed bumps, thumbs through potholes carelessly, and has a spotty of 2 its handling that matches its character. This is because of the increased damper rates.

Another advantage of the higher ground clearance was made evident by the small roads in Goa: if you need to move over an approaching car, you can quickly drop 2 wheels off the pavement and onto the clay shoulders The Fronx gains its reputation as an SUV in instances like this where you must continue having on and off the road.

Although other Maruti's don't have a powerful self-centering motion like the phonics does, the steering feel is still superior. The higher Fronx suspension geometry causal lot of play or a dead zone to form around the state ahead position, which was corrected by recalibrating the EPS. The front disk and the rear drum brakes work well and provide adequate stopping power.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx Price and the Final Verdict

The Baleno, which is where the Fronx originated, is the well-designed product. It keeps the benefits of high-end hatchback while giving a new look to crash the party of the small SUV. Additionally, it fits well inside the compact SUV market category with the price range of Rs. 7.47 to 13.14 Lakh, which is the ex-showroom price, but it also manages to avoid the Baleno and Breza, which have a starting price of Rs. 6.61 to 8.29 Lakh respectively.

The Fronx, roomy go, cozy, and well equipped, will undoubtedly be popular at parties. The booster jet itself is not the primary draw: rather it's a commanding road present and outstanding as well. If you want to enjoy the comfortable and a budget friendly right, you should definitely go for Maruti Suzuki Fronx turbo 1 liter.

It is a comfortable car and can also be a family car, where 5 people can be adjusted very comfortably with a good leg space at the rare seats.

As far as the safety of the car is concerned, there are 3 seat belts present at the rare seats which will eventually protect the family member sitting at the back as well. As far as the music and each and every aspect of enjoying a long drive is concerned, this car covers each part of it from USB attached features to fun FM this car has got it all for you to make your ride a memorable one.

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