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Mahindra Scorpio Classic Review


Following the debut of the Scorpio-N as an upgrade to the dated Scorpio model, Mahindra just introduced the Scorpio Classic in India. To satisfy consumers who want a tough, practical, and utilitarian SUV, Mahindra created the Scorpio Classic to occupy the space between the Thar and Scorpio-N in its lineup.

Visual Changes

The entry-level S and the fully equipped S11 are the two variations of the Scorpio Classic. In comparison to the previous-generation model, the Scorpio Classic has undergone several visual alterations. It has the newest "twin-peaks" SUV logo from Mahindra, which is also present on the XUV700 and Scorpio-N, making it the third SUV in the company's portfolio to use the new design. The Scorpio Classic also features a redesigned front grille with six vertical slates, an updated front bumper, LED DRLs mounted above the housings for the fog lamps, a new front skid plate, and new diamond-cut alloy wheels. Its tower LED tail lamps at the back are evocative of the SUVs from earlier generations.

Mahindra Scorpio Classic Review

Engine Specs

The Scorpio Classic is powered by the same 2.2-liter mHawk four-cylinder diesel engine as the entry-level Scorpio-N diesel models and the Thar. The engine's highest output is 132 PS, and its maximum torque is 300 Nm. It has rear-wheel drive as standard and is equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Interior & features

The overall design of the cabin is identical to that of the previous generation; however, the Scorpio Classic has undergone certain changes. It now has a 9-inch infotainment system with connectivity for audio and video as well as phone mirroring. The interior has faux wood dashboard accents, a black and beige color scheme, and a leatherette steering wheel. Additional features include automatic climate control, projector headlamps, front and rear armrests, a sunglass holder, cruise control, and electrically adjustable wing mirrors.


Dual airbags, ABS with EBD, a front seat belt reminder bulb, rear parking sensors, a high-speed alert, and a panic brake indicator are all included in the safety features of the Mahindra Scorpio Classic.

Expected Price

Although the Scorpio Classic's price has not yet been disclosed, it is anticipated to begin at roughly Rs 10 lakhs (ex-showroom), making it a more cost-effective alternative to the Scorpio-N, which is currently priced at Rs 11.99 lakhs. With the launch of the Scorpio Classic, Mahindra's portfolio now offers buyers a compelling option for a hardy and useful SUV.


Review - 1

For those who valued the original Scorpio's simplicity, Mahindra has introduced the Scorpio Classic, an updated version of its well-liked SUV. While the Scorpio-N is the more modern replacement, those who prefer the 'OG' Scorpio may find the Classic to have a nostalgic appeal.


The only exterior design modifications are a new grille with thick chrome strips, new headlamps with a modest redesign, freshened bumpers, and new accents on the doors. The recognizable boxy appearance is kept along with the bonnet scoop and the slightly sloped windscreen.


You'll have the impression that you've entered a time machine once you enter the Scorpio Classic. The former Scorpio models can be recognized by their upright, flat dashboard, high seating position, and chair-like cloth seats. A faux-wood panel on the center console and a 9.0-inch touchscreen display running Android are two modifications made to the Classic. It does not, however, support Apple CarPlay or Android, necessitating the usage of third-party programs that might not be as user-friendly. The steering wheel has been updated and now offers simple media and calling options. There are still some ergonomic issues, like the lack of drink holders in the front door pockets and the small space for seat height adjustment.

Engine, Gearbox & Performance

Three people can sit on the roomy bench seat in the back of the Scorpio Classic. There is room for feet on the flat floor and AC vents for your comfort. However, the legs have little room, and the lengthy seat squab could encroach on the thighs. Its most notable feature is the Scorpio Classic's third row of jump seats, which make it easy to get in and out. However, this arrangement's lack of impact protection and seat belts compromises safety. To make useable storage space, the jump seats can be folded up.

The Scorpio Classic's 2.2-liter, second-generation mHawk diesel engine powers the vehicle's interior. Compared to its predecessor, this 130-horsepower engine is lighter and more efficient. With linear power delivery and progressive acceleration, it provides quiet and vibration-free performance.

Even though it may not have as much power as the previous engine, the Classic nevertheless provides a pleasurable driving experience. The vehicle has a cable-operated 6-speed manual gearbox for less vibration and better refinement. Impressive gearing allows for acceleration times that are comparable to those of the earlier Scorpio. The auto stop/start feature, which regularly turns off the motor and the AC compressor, can be annoying in slow traffic.

Ride Comfort & Handling

Mahindra has adjusted the suspension to account for the weight adjustments to improve handling and ride comfort. The Scorpio Classic rides bouncy on level areas with cracks and potholes but handles nicely on bumpy roads. Because of its large height and short wheel track, the car leans in turns. Despite these drawbacks, the Classic's body-on-frame construction makes it appear indestructible. Low-speed steering effort has decreased, but it still lacks the seamless and smooth feel of more contemporary SUVs.

Price & Verdict

Prices for the two Scorpio Classic models, S and S11, range from Rs. 11.99 lakhs to Rs. 15.49 lakhs. The top-spec Classic has a different value proposition, even if its pricing is comparable to the smaller Scorpio-N's base trims. It appeals to a wide variety of buyers, including those looking for a robust, no-frills SUV for fleet operations, those who need the convenience of a third-row jump seat layout, and those searching for a bigger, more powerful alternative to the Bolero. The Scorpio Classic still has enough positive attributes to draw a devoted fanbase, despite being a niche product.

Review - 2

Since its release in 2002, the Mahindra Scorpio has been a popular vehicle and a valuable brand. Although more recent models like the Scorpio-N have been introduced, bookings for the older Scorpio have remained consistent. Mahindra chose to continue producing the earlier Scorpio, now called as the Scorpio Classic, in response to this demand.

Design & Style

The Scorpio Classic keeps the earlier Scorpio's recognizable appearance and design. It has a boxy, muscular appearance and has drawn buyers in for years. The front has a muscular-looking bonnet, wraparound headlights with transparent lenses, and an inactive hood scoop. The Mahindra Twin Peaks emblem and new chrome slats have been added to the grille. The new alloy wheels and body-colored cladding are highlighted in the side profile. The tall tail lamp, a distinguishing feature of the Scorpio, has returned at the back.

Cockpit & Interior

The Scorpio Classic's interior still has a robust, practical feel to it. It features new beige upholstery and a subtle design. Despite being flat, the seats are comfortable and offer enough room. A large, XUV500-inspired steering wheel, an analog-digital instrument cluster, and a 9-inch Android-based infotainment system are all there in the driver's seat. The quality and feel could be better, and the dashboard layout is still quite simple. However, the imitation wood trim gives the SUV a more upscale appearance.

Comfort, Practicality & Boot Space

The Scorpio Classic still provides flexibility and lots of room. The seating arrangements range from seven to nine seats, and there are several folding options for more cargo room. Excellent headroom, knee room, and legroom are all features of the SUV that make it pleasant for passengers. With side-opening rear doors and a 460-litre boot, it maintains its practicality.

Engine Performance & Driving Impressions

The Scorpio Classic's new 2.2-liter mHawk engine produces 130 horsepower and 300 Nm less power than the Scorpio, which it replaces. It nonetheless functions effectively in actual driving situations, coming across as vivacious and competent. The SUV has a new suspension system adapted from the Scorpio-N and a smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission. Although body roll and lateral movement are still noticeable, the ride quality has improved. The Scorpio Classic demonstrates its capabilities in RWD format despite not having a 4WD option.

Safety & Key Features

When it comes to safety equipment, the Scorpio Classic concentrates on the essentials, providing dual airbags, ABS with EBD, panic brake indication, and more. Six speakers, an automatic climate control system, a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and steering-mounted controls are some of the key features.


Those who value practicality, toughness, and durability over upscale frills favor the Mahindra Scorpio Classic. Despite its advanced age, it continues to be in demand and comes with updated suspension, powertrain, and comfort amenities. The Scorpio-N is a superior alternative for those looking for a premium SUV with cutting-edge technology, a smooth ride, and a variety of powertrain options.

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