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Hyundai EXTER Review

The Hyundai EXTER embodies the spirit of outdoor adventure, travel, and leisure. Inspired by the natural world, this all-new SUV is a reflection of an identity that embraces the toughest conditions and celebrates the outdoors. With its modern design, the Hyundai EXTER redefines the SUV lifestyle, offering a fresh perspective on the joy of exploration.

Hyundai EXTER Review

Stylish Exteriors & Stunning Interiors

The Hyundai EXTER mesmerizes with its stylish exteriors and stunning interiors, redefining the essence of modern SUV design. As a testament to the Hyundai SUV life, it captures the hearts of those who yearn for thrilling journeys and exciting adventures. Every aspect of this innovative vehicle is carefully crafted to deliver an unparalleled experience of comfort and convenience, making every trip a delight, whether it's a long-distance voyage or a short city escapade.

Setting the stage for sophistication, the Hyundai Exter boasts a contemporary and unique approach to SUV design. The commanding Parametric Front Grille takes center stage, exuding a strong presence that embodies the SUV's modern appeal. Complementing this bold facade are the striking H-Signature LED DRLs and Projector Headlamps, seamlessly blending style and functionality. A sporty Skid Plate adds an extra touch of rugged elegance, while the exclusive EXTER emblem on the front signifies the SUV's distinctive and bespoke character.

With a dynamic side profile that demands attention, the Hyundai EXTER showcases its outdoor persona through its blacked-out wheel arches and side sill cladding, beautifully housing the exquisite Diamond Cut Alloy wheels. The exterior design is further elevated by a floating roof concept, accentuated by the Parametric Design C-Pillar garnish. The addition of sporty bridge-type Roof Rails completes the youthful and modern aesthetic, reflecting EXTER's adventurous spirit.

While the exteriors captivate onlookers, stepping inside the Hyundai EXTER reveals a world of refinement and luxury. The spacious interior is meticulously crafted, offering best-in-class roominess that indulges passengers in unparalleled comfort. Every inch of the cabin exudes a contemporary vibe, reflecting Hyundai's dedication to providing an exceptional traveling experience. From high-quality materials to intuitive layouts, EXTER interiors seamlessly blend form and function, creating an environment that embraces both style and practicality.

Exceptional High-Tech Features

The Hyundai EXTER sets a new standard for high-tech features, offering an array of cutting-edge innovations that enhance the driving experience. From the voice-enabled Smart Electric Sunroof to the Dashcam with Dual Camera, this all-new SUV is packed with first-in-segment features that elevate convenience and connectivity.

With the Smart Electric Sunroof, customers can bask in the beauty of their surroundings while enjoying seamless control through voice commands. This feature adds a touch of luxury to every journey, allowing you to soak in the sights and embrace the open air. Meanwhile, the Dashcam with Dual Camera takes the driving experience to new heights. Equipped with front and rear cameras, a 5.84 cm (2.31") LCD, and smartphone app-based connectivity, it provides a comprehensive solution for capturing and documenting memories on the road. Supporting Full HD video resolution, the camera setup enables users to capture both photos and videos, ensuring that no moment goes unnoticed. The dashcam also offers multiple recording modes, such as Driving (Normal), Event (Safety), and Vacation (Timelapse), catering to a wide range of customer preferences and enhancing the overall experience.

Convenience takes center stage in the Hyundai EXTER, as it offers a range of thoughtful features designed to simplify and streamline the driving experience. Cruise control, a sought-after feature, provides a seamless and comfortable driving experience on long trips, allowing you to maintain a consistent speed without constantly adjusting the accelerator. By empowering drivers with smart mobility solutions, the EXTER transforms exploration desires into tangible realities, providing a seamless blend of convenience and adventure.

Safety at its Core

When it comes to prioritizing safety, the Hyundai EXTER leaves no stone unturned. This remarkable SUV is designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that your well-being is at the forefront of every journey. With an impressive array of 26 safety features, Hyundai EXTER is committed to providing you with the confidence and peace of mind you deserve.

Setting new benchmarks in safety, Hyundai EXTER introduces several first-in-segment features that are unparalleled in their effectiveness. The inclusion of ESC (Electronic Stability Control), VSM (Vehicle Stability Management), and HAC (Hill Assist Control) demonstrates Hyundai's dedication to providing advanced safety technologies that enhance your driving experience. But, the commitment doesn't stop just there.

Hyundai EXTER goes above and beyond by equipping the SUV with standard safety features that are essential for your protection. These features include the reliable 3-Point Seat Belt and seatbelt reminder for all seats, Keyless Entry for convenience, ABS with EBD for improved braking performance, Rear Parking Sensors for enhanced maneuverability, ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) for unexpected situations, and a Burglar Alarm for added security.

To further emphasize its commitment to safety, Hyundai EXTER encompasses over 40 advanced safety features that are designed to keep you and your loved ones secure on the road. From the Headlamp Escort function that provides enhanced visibility to the Auto Headlamps that ensure optimal lighting conditions, every aspect of safety is meticulously addressed.

Hyundai EXTER also includes indispensable safety features such as ISOFIX for child seat anchorage, a Rear Defogger to maintain visibility in adverse weather conditions and a Rear Parking Camera for effortless parking maneuvers. Moreover, the SUV proudly presents segment-first safety features like the dashcam with a dual camera, TPMS (Highline) to monitor tire pressure, and the Inside rearview mirror with telematics switches for SOS, RSA, and Bluelink connectivity.

With Hyundai EXTER, safety is not just a feature but a core principle that underpins every aspect of its design. The SUV comes equipped with six airbags as standard, ensuring comprehensive protection for all occupants. With an extensive range of advanced safety features, including the impressive 26 safety features available across all trims, Hyundai EXTER is dedicated to ensuring that your focus remains on enjoying every moment of your drive.

Hyundai EXTER Review

Impeccable Performance

Hyundai EXTER is not just an SUV; it's an embodiment of freedom, excitement, and versatility. Designed to empower customers and cater to their urban and outdoor lifestyles, this remarkable vehicle offers an unparalleled driving experience that will leave you captivated. With its three powertrain options and unwavering performance, Hyundai EXTER is ready to take you on an exhilarating journey like no other.

Equipped with a 1.2-liter Kappa Petrol engine, Hyundai EXTER provides a seamless blend of power and efficiency. This dynamic engine is not only E20 Fuel Ready but also offers two transmission options: a 5-speed manual transmission (5MT) and the Smart Auto AMT (Automated Manual Transmission). Whether you prefer the control of a manual or the convenience of an automatic, Hyundai EXTER ensures that your driving experience remains consistent and enjoyable.

For those seeking an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on performance, Hyundai EXTER offers the 1.2-liter Bi-fuel Kappa petrol engine with CNG. Paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, this powertrain option provides a responsible and sustainable driving solution. Hyundai EXTER's commitment to offering diverse powertrain options caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your driving style.

No matter which powertrain option you choose, Hyundai EXTER is engineered to deliver impeccable performance in any condition. From bustling city streets to rugged outdoor terrains, this SUV is built to conquer them all. The powertrains are meticulously tuned to provide consistent performance, allowing you to navigate diverse landscapes with ease and confidence.

Hyundai EXTER's exceptional performance is not just limited to its powertrains. The SUV's advanced technology and engineering ensure a delightful driving experience that exceeds expectations. With precise handling, responsive steering, and a suspension system designed for comfort and stability, Hyundai EXTER offers a smooth ride that enhances your driving pleasure.

One of the important factors for widespread automobile vehicles is the availability of robust charging infrastructure. Hyundai acknowledges this concern and has taken adequate steps to address it, thereby ensuring the utmost convenience for EXTER owners. The Hyundai EXTER is equipped with fast charging capabilities, which allows passengers to recharge their devices, such as smartphones, earphones, etc., in a much lesser amount of time as compared to conventional charging methods. This remarkable feature, combined with the expansion of the charging port, ensures that owning the EXTER is a hassle-free and seamless experience, eliminating anxiety and maximizing time spent on the road.

Competitive Pricing

Hyundai recognizes the pivotal role affordability plays in accelerating the widespread adoption of automobile vehicles. The Hyundai Exter is competitively priced, positioning it as an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers seeking an SUV. Furthermore, governments and local authorities provide various incentives and tax benefits for individuals purchasing vehicles through CSD, further reducing the total cost of ownership. This combination of competitive pricing and available incentives enhances the accessibility of the EXTER, making it an even more enticing choice for those looking to embrace mobility and take advantage of the cost savings associated with automobile ownership.

Notably, EXTER is available in 17 different variants, and the price varies as per the variant chosen. The base model of EXTER costs around Rs 5.99 lakh (ex-showroom), while the top variant costs up to Rs 8.97 lakh (ex-showroom). However, this price range covers customers of various budgets and accordingly caters to their needs as per the budget by providing satisfactory features.

Expanding the SUV Market

The exceptional features and advantages of Hyundai EXTER contribute to the overall growth and expansion of the SUV market. With its competitive pricing, fast charging capabilities, customer satisfaction, and advanced technology, EXTER attracts a wide range of consumers. As more people are getting attracted toward SUVs, it is believed that the demand for EXTER will increase over time as it is priced very competitively. EXTER's success in the market will encourage other automakers to invest in the latest vehicle technology, like adding a dashcam and providing six airbags, etc., and accelerate the marketing of SUVs by providing it within a satisfactory budget range or price.

Inspiring Innovation and Collaboration: A Vision for Tomorrow

The success of the Hyundai EXTER may encourage Hyundai to launch its electric variant as well. This could help spur ongoing innovation and collaboration in the pioneering electric vehicle industry while also supporting the environment. Vehicle manufacturers, governments, and tech companies must work together to improve charging infrastructure, enhance battery technology and further reduce costs. This collective effort will drive the electric vehicle market forward, making sustainable transportation more accessible and attractive to a wider audience. As innovation and collaboration progress, the potential for electric vehicles like the Hyundai EXTER to shape a greener future is becoming increasingly apparent. However, several vehicle brands are already working towards electric vehicles and have already launched several variants of their flagship automobiles.

With the EXTER EV, the Hyundai can represent much more than just a vehicle; it can symbolize the outlook of a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow. As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, their impact on the environment and society becomes even more significant. Hyundai EXTER EV will become an excellent choice not only for its features and benefits but also a conscious decision to actively contribute to a green world. With every mile driven in EXTER, owners will play a role in shaping a sustainable future that embraces innovation, technology, and responsible transportation choices. Hence, we can expect to see the EXTER Electric version soon in the near future. But, unfortunately, only the petrol and CNG variants are currently available.

Hyundai EXTER Review

Customer Satisfaction and Awards

Hyundai has earned a strong reputation for delivering high-quality vehicles that cater to the needs and desires of its customers. The Hyundai EXTER has garnered widespread praise from both consumers and automotive enthusiasts alike. Its innovative features, reliability, and exceptional performance have earned the EXTER several prestigious awards, solidifying its position as a leading vehicle (especially SUV) in the market. Hyundai's unwavering commitment to providing outstanding customer satisfaction is evident in the EXTER as well, a vehicle that not only meets but consistently exceeds expectations in every aspect. Owners of the EXTER can be confident in their choice, knowing they have a reliable and satisfying driving experience.


Hyundai EXTER is a ground-breaking SUV that showcases Hyundai's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in vehicles. This remarkable vehicle, with its CNG variant, embodies a perfect blend of advanced technology, exceptional driving performance, and a strong emphasis on environmental awareness.

In addition to its convenience, EXTER offers substantial environmental benefits. By opting for its bi-fuel CNG SUV variant, drivers actively participate in a transformative movement towards sustainable and economical transportation. However, it is worth noting that the bi-fuel CNG variant of this SUV does not come with automatic support, so users have to resort to manual 5-speed gear transmission. With this variant, the EXTER produces fewer emissions, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. This is in line with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, making EXTER an attractive choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

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