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Mahindra Scorpio N Review

The Mahindra Scorpio, along with vehicles such as the Maruti 800, Tata Indica, Toyota Innova, and numerous others, has earned its place as an icon of Indian motoring. And that's not just because it will be 20 this year; it's also because it has maintained high popularity all along.

Its iconic status results from how it appears, operates, where it is in the marketplace, and what it is seen to represent. The new Scorpio N, the SUV's third generation in twenty years, represents its most profound paradigm shift yet. Scaling up in every way, it is now aiming for the Toyota Fortuner.

Mahindra Scorpio N Review

The most notable feature is how it appears. A towering, high-riding SUV with a protruding long hood and a distinctive two-box form shouts "Scorpio" at first glance. However, it then begins to deviate from the pattern.

It is smoother and curvier, with components that are more subtle and well-integrated rather than loud and apparent. The grille appears more three-dimensional, the rooftop scoop is gone, the headlamps are leaner and now entirely LED, and the bumper has LED running lights and fog lamps fashioned like a scorpion's sting!

Interior, Space, and Comfort

The interior makeover is considerably easier to observe because of the obvious disparity in quality and modern style. Plastic doesn't appear as rough about the edges, except in a few rare, usually invisible situations, and fit and craftsmanship are likewise outstanding.

The synthetic leather and plastic trim complement each other perfectly, and the chocolaty brown colour strikes a balance between rich attractiveness and stain resistance. The center console's glossy black and polished silver trim seems upscale, and the old car's plain-appearing switchgear has been replaced with robust yet stylish massive door grips.

In its place, you get beautifully processed, well-damped buttons, with many components taken from the XUV700, with the steering wheel being the most significant.

Mahindra Scorpio N Review

More straightforward lines and a straight dash characteristic of ladder-frame SUVs make up the design, which is good because it better embodies the Scorpio's hard-charging mentality than the XUV700's.

This is aided further through the A-pillar grab controls, which make entering the high-set cabin considerably easier. Utilizing the dual-screen system found within the XUV, there's is a typical hooded instruments binnacle with clean, albeit plain, analogue dials and a 7.0-inch colored screen crammed with vital information.

The 8.0-inch touchscreen has two rotary buttons below and a row of helpful shortcut buttons above it. There is plenty of storage, including two large cupholders, a wireless phone charging bay, and large door pockets.

Unexpectedly, the Scorpio N retains the elevated driving position and commanding vantage point that distinguishes it from other monocoque SUVs in the exact same price range (and that owners enjoy).

What is noteworthy is that it was recently granted a more relaxed atmosphere. You no longer have the sensation that the handle of the steering wheel is perpendicular with the dashboard or that the driver must stay upright to adhere to the SUV's contours. Even with the lumbar support set to the lowest setting, the front seats are delightfully padded despite having far too much of it.

Fuel Efficiency

Mahindra Scorpio N Review

There, the effectiveness is evident. Although you can obtain nearly 20 km/l, it won't be helpful in a practical setting. the highest FE result is 16.58 km/l between Bangalore and Goa, with 80% of that distance traveled on the highway and 20% in South Goa and the sparsely populated cities of Hubli and Dharwad.

The fastest speed is 10 km/l, which involves numerous short excursions inside Bangalore, occasionally in congested traffic, and 4 passengers. The internal fuel efficiency number is exact.

When consistently contrast the onboard FE displayed while refilling and from tankful to tankful. Except for the time you obtained 10 km/l - internal FE figure - there is a 0.5 to 0.75-kilometer kilometer difference.


It's still a fascinating prospect to see how this most recent version of the Mahindra turbo-petrol (mStallion) & turbo-diesel (mHawk) motors will perform in the new SUV, even though they may have made their premiere on the Thar, with which the new Scorpio N shares its fundamental foundations.

The 2.0-liter turbo-petrol engines we had the opportunity to test produces 203 horsepower plus 380 pound-feet of torque, whereas the 2.2-liter diesel engine produces 175 horsepower as well as 400 pound-feet for torque, although a slightly lower torque output in manual variations.

Mahindra Scorpio N Review

The petrol is used first, and immediately away, it impresses with powerful reflexes from a stop. It is strong enough that it leaps forward as you flex the right foot. You almost wished there was an "Eco" setting to slow reactions for situations where you want to stroll.

But if you get comfortable with it, tapping the pedal lightly may quickly transform a leisurely crawl into an overtaking. For a large, massive SUV like this one, where a large torque reserve counts more, this would not be a free-revving gasoline engine, and power is concentrated in the lower to mid-range.

In testing with our VBOX, the Scorpio N fuel manual earned an excellent 10.2 seconds for 0-100 kph, with acceptable kick-down acceleration speeds of under eight seconds for 20-80 kph & 40-100 kph.

The two cars have six-speed torque-converter manual gearboxes, which are excellent for the laid-back nature of this massive bruiser. These transmissions are smooth, rather than sporty or quick-shifting.

Keep their inputs effortless, and they will finish their tasks quietly in both versions. If you allow the revs drop too low during the shift down in either version, or if you stomped it, an interruption will occur before the upshift. The cars have no shift paddle to propel themselves; nevertheless, manual shifting is possible via the gear lever.

Mahindra Scorpio N Review

The diesel feels even better suited for the Scorpio N due to its increased torque reserve and laid-back personality. Because of the gentler responses off the mark, it is a little simpler to handle, and you are able to tap into the massive torque tank which is available in the affordable whenever you need to.

There's almost no reason to go near to a redline, and most people wouldn't want to do so because it would carry a considerable amount of gasoline coming from below inside the cabin. Furthermore, the diesel engine has only three driving modes: Zip, Zap, & Zoom, which translate to Eco, Normal, & Sport.

Highway Driving and Passenger Comfort

Except when taking turns on slick roads, we had just remembered that this car is a body-on-frame. Overall, the ride is incredibly plush and comfy. No travelers reported any weariness after flying 400+ km in 5-6 hours. They said they could continue driving an additional 400 km without calling it for the day. Overall, driving ergonomics and comfort are excellent and very well thought out.

It is preferable to use the third row as intended?for children. One of the user, who is just 5'5" tall, walked on the third row for the entire 250-kilometer trip from Sagara to the town of Idagunji & returned. She thought they were livable but not exceptionally comfortable.

As per the users the car does an excellent job of maintaining its line. Also, overtaking is straightforward to do when driving on a highway. Users feel incredibly confident when overtaking, thanks to the backup power. The Mahindra Scorpio N is, as always, zippy and has ample power for every circumstance. It's enjoyable to operate this engine. Engine noise is barely audible and pleasant. If you drive under 100 km/h on a motorway, passengers may say you are driving slowly.

The Scorpion N has several practical features compared to something as basic as the Swift. Users who always prefer having a lot of gadgets and gizmos in a vehicle, can have a change of mind and approach with the new Scorpion N.

The front sensors and camera, as well as a reverse parking camera, are useful while driving in cities. They make it incredibly simple to park your enormous car. Alexa!! Music lovers must have this function. Moreover, users do not require to stop the car to look for a particular track or fuss with buttons.

The total in-car enjoyment is on a new trajectory thanks to a sweet-sounding Sony system. Rain-sensing wipers, which are so practical, and auto headlights, which so brilliantly light up the entire road when turning, are a couple of other gadgets that are pretty handy. Dual-zone A/C and Alexa have significantly reduced our "in-car disputes"!


  1. When the accelerator is released when traveling at highway speeds (over 1,500 rpm), occasionally, a peculiar sound resembling "bark" can be heard. It sounds like you're using a big plastic container to scratch a hard surface. It doesn't happen every time and barely lasts for a split second.
  2. Music system crackling - One of the user also reported of suddenly hearing a slight crackling sound from the speaker system while a song was being played. About an hour later, the noise's volume grew and persisted even when he turned the ignition off. He quickly contacted customer service since he suspected an electrical malfunction. They provided me with the location of the closest service center, but within the following 20 minutes, the problem was resolved entirely. It hasn't happened again in an entire month and a half.
  3. TPMS - It has an intellect of its own because it occasionally indicates problems with one of the tires. Some users have already begun ignoring this and some have shown this to the service center.
Mahindra Scorpio N Review


The Mahindra Scorpio-N is a striking SUV with remarkable quality, affordable service choices, and excellent mileage. It distinguishes itself in the marketplace thanks to its potent performance and elegant style. SUV is perfect in every respect. It performs well, has a roomy interior, and has contemporary features.

This brand-new Mahindra vehicle has a chrome-accented slatted grille. The motor reacts rationally when the accelerator is engaged and has enough power at the back. In sluggish city traffic, this car is precise to drive and can accelerate quickly when needed.

Achieving triple-digit speeds in this car is relatively easy without losing stability and safety. The reliable steering wheel is flexible enough to navigate all the turns and curves. The automatic gearbox in this automobile is incredible. The brakes on this model need to be applied with more power, which is a slight drawback. Additionally, there is some jitteriness in the suspension.

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