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Need for Software Engineering

Need for Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a branch of Engineering where you study how to develop Software. It is a branch of Computer science where you design, develop, test and maintain the Software according to the user's requirement to solve real-world problems. Software Engineering Consists of two words, Software which means applications that have been designed using a set of rules and regulations, and Engineering means to invent, design, build, and maintain the application.

Software Engineering has become the most important choice for many, and the reason is that every organization needs a software engineer. In today's World, Software engineering has not only been serving the need of IT Companies but there is a need for software engineering to solve daily life problems.

Software Engineering has many needs in our era. Following are some points that tell us about the need for Software Engineering:

  • Building Social Media Platform: Software Engineering is needed in building social media platforms. It can be used to design user profiles, feed the news, message, and many more personalization.
  • Building E-Learning Platform: Software Engineering is needed in building educational Software and creating E-Learning Platform. It is used to create interactive learning modules and interactive courses.
  • Transportation system: Software Engineering can be used to build Software that helps track the route. It includes real-time data management and GPS and Mapping Tools.
  • Healthcare Software: Software engineering is needed in developing Software for healthcare systems. It is needed in preparing electronic health records (EHR) systems, telemedicine applications, medical imaging software, and clinical decision support systems. Software engineering ensures that the accuracy provided by the Software is 100 percent correct and there are no loopholes. It is also needed to maintain the privacy and security of patient data.
  • Financial Software: Software Engineering is needed in preparing Software for Banking and other Financial Organisations. Software Engineering helps maintain security and data accuracy so that the user's financial data may not leak.
  • Mobile Application Development: Software engineering is needed to develop mobile application platforms like iOS and Android. It is used to design user interfaces. It is used to ensure compatibility among different devices.
  • Video Game Development: Software Engineering is needed in developing Video Games. It is helpful in developing the game's design, setting the game's graphics, allowing multiplayer networking, etc.
  • Research: It helps to visualize data efficiency and process extensive data.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: It helps in designing and implementing algorithms, model training, and deploy machine learning models to solve complex problems and enable intelligent and faster decision-making.
  • Application Security: It helps maintain the security of the Software. It allows application security in many ways. Software engineering techniques allow the software developer to encrypt the data so that no unauthorized person may not be able to look into the data, or if he can get a hand on the data, he would not be able to decode that data. In this way, the user's data would be safe. It allows the features like authentication, where the user can enter his details. After entering his details, software engineering techniques verify the data, and if the entered credentials match that saved earlier, then the user is allowed to enter his account. This saves the user from the third party to access their account. Thus, software engineering is beneficial in ensuring the confidentiality of user accounts.
  • Fixing Bugs and Errors: Software Engineering is beneficial in updating the existing Software. It is also used in adding any new features to the application. It also upgrades the application when needed or when the application is outdated.

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