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Project Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and Controlling are processes needed to track, review, and regulate the progress and performance of the project. It also identifies any areas where changes to the project management method are required and initiates the required changes.

The Monitoring & Controlling process group includes eleven processes, which are:

Project Monitoring and Control
  1. Monitor and control project work: The generic step under which all other monitoring and controlling activities fall under.
  2. Perform integrated change control: The functions involved in making changes to the project plan. When changes to the schedule, cost, or any other area of the project management plan are necessary, the program is changed and re-approved by the project sponsor.
  3. Validate scope: The activities involved with gaining approval of the project's deliverables.
  4. Control scope: Ensuring that the scope of the project does not change and that unauthorized activities are not performed as part of the plan (scope creep).
  5. Control schedule: The functions involved with ensuring the project work is performed according to the schedule, and that project deadlines are met.
  6. Control costs: The tasks involved with ensuring the project costs stay within the approved budget.
  7. Control quality: Ensuring that the quality of the project?s deliverables is to the standard defined in the project management plan.
  8. Control communications: Providing for the communication needs of each project stakeholder.
  9. Control Risks: Safeguarding the project from unexpected events that negatively impact the project's budget, schedule, stakeholder needs, or any other project success criteria.
  10. Control procurements: Ensuring the project's subcontractors and vendors meet the project goals.
  11. Control stakeholder engagement: The tasks involved with ensuring that all of the project's stakeholders are left satisfied with the project work.

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