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Crop PDF

If you want to remove the unwanted white spaces, then you can crop the PDF. By using this tool, you can change the final PDF and can create a final file.

You can crop the PDF manually, or you can enter coordinates to crop the PDF.

Crop PDF using Adobe Acrobat DC

  • To crop PDF, go to the Tools menu, and select the Edit PDF

Note: Adobe allows limited tools in the free version. To use the Edit PDF tool, you need to purchase the Adobe Acrobat DC.

Crop PDF
  • From the toolbar, select Crop pages.
Crop PDF
  • A rectangle box will appear, through which you can select the area which you want to crop. Drag that rectangle box on the page accordingly.
Crop PDF
  • To apply the selected crop area to additional pages, set the page range, or click "All" under the page range.
  • Finally, click OK to crop the selected pages.
  • Save the file.

Crop PDF using Online Tools

There are many online tools available to crop a PDF, such as croppdf, avepdf, hipdf, easePDF, deftpdf, pdfcandy, sejda, etc.

Here, I am using the sejda tool.

  • Go to the given link. You will get the page like below:
Crop PDF
  • Click on the Upload PDF files From the open dialog box, choose your PDF file which you want to crop. Click Open.
Crop PDF
  • Sejda tool provides three options:
    • Crop the whole document.
    • Crop pages individually
    • Crop odd and even pages

Here, I am going to choose crop pages individually.

Crop PDF
  • Click on Auto-crop. This option will automatically define the optimal crop size from all the available pages and will remove the white margins. You can also define coordinates.
Crop PDF
  • Finally, click on the Crop PDF Then click the Download button to download the cropped PDF on your computer.
Crop PDF
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