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Spring Initializr

It is a web tool which is provided by Spring on official site. You can create Spring Boot project by providing project details.

Select Maven project and dependencies. Fill other details and click on generate project.

Spring Initializer 1

After clicking it asked for download project.

Spring Initializer 2

Save project and extract it.

Now import this project by using import option from the STS (Spring Tool Suite) IDE.

Importing project

Spring Initializer 3

Select project type in Maven.

Spring Initializer 4

Select source project

Spring Initializer 5

After finishing, our Spring Boot Project should look like this.

Spring Initializer 6

It has a pom.xml file which contains all the dependencies and configuration for the project. It should look like this.

// pom.xml

It also generates a Java file in the src/main/java directory. This file has same name as you mentioned in artifact.

The default created Java file is the below.


We can run this project by selecting Java Application from run options . After running, it produces the following output.

Spring Initializer 7

Observe the line Started SpringBootExample3Application in 16.345 seconds (JVM running for 19.909). It shows that the Spring Boot application has started.

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