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File Types in Latex


The file sizes of the Latex are generally smaller than the Word document files. The default extension used is .tex, which we can edit with notepad or Simpletext editor. The Latex file contains the text as well as the commands for writing the text and equations for the formatting of the document.

MiKTeX is widely used for the implementation of Latex. For UNIX, you can download the Latex itself. The OzTeXT is used on the Macintosh (family of PC's manufactured and sold by Apple Inc.).

When LaTeX processes a file like abc.tex, it creates file abc.dvi, which stands for DeVice Independent. The '.dvi' is the older format than .pdf, which can be handled by many devices. Each platform in a computer has its program and files that can view .dvi, but you cannot send it to the printer. Most of the printers accept PostScript (.ps). In PC, you can open this file on PC with YAP (Yet Another Priewer) to print it. With the OzTeXT, you can directly print any file. But for UNIX, you have to first convert the .dvi file into the .ps file. The conversion in UNIX can be possible by using the programs such as dvips and then can send the file or data to the printer after the conversion.

Difference between Microsoft Word and LATEX

Microsoft Word is based on the concept of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). It means the way you type it reflects the document along with it, i.e., the final document will look the same as you type in. We can make the changes in the document material as we type. The changes include line spacing, font, format, text style, page style, headings, page breaks, etc.

In LATEX, you cannot see the final document when you are typing. It allows the users to concentrate and focus on the content rather than its design or look. It is based on the WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean). It means that you have to concentrate on the content, rest the computer will take care of the formatting.

Word is easier to use than using Latex because Latex has a steep learning curve.

Difference between TEX and LATEX

Latex is a markup language written in Tex. It is called Tex with some of the predefined functions or macros. Tex is a typesetting program and a format that gives only the basics, while Latex allows doing many things.

Tex is about the specialized algorithms, commands to specify the format of the document, and the tiniest details to enhance the document. Latex is about giving the structure to the content and is built on the top of Tex.

It is difficult to do complicated things with Tex, while Latex was designed to provide a higher level of language. It is a complicated set of Tex documents. Latex defines the community to grow huge.

Is Latex a programming language?

It is a markup language that is implemented in Tex, a typesetting language. Latex is considered as the markup extensions, which is no longer a full programming language. It is a macro package that is indeed a programming language used for technical typesetting documents. It means, it is written in Tex formatting macro language. The files of the Latex are processed into the pdf.

Is Latex helpful for programmers?

Yes. The extension named TeXlipse plugin for Eclipse IDE is used for the development process. TeXlipse is a famous plugin used, which brings the best of Latex editing to your Eclipse IDE program. It is called as the best editing software for the programmers. It includes features like Code folding, word count, code commenting, etc.

Why should we use Latex?

The topography of the Latex is outstanding and is beautifully designed compared to Microsoft Word. It is free and fast software, which has no bugs virtually. Latex was created for the ease to use by anyone. It has the feature of stylistic uniformity.

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