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The math or mathematical symbol are those symbols, which are used as an intermediate to perform the mathematical functions. The variables and functions in mathematics are used for various purposes.

The command $ is recommended as the math mode. The input commands mentioned below are inserted between the $ to produce the corresponding output.

The most used math type commands are given below:

Input commands Output (math mode) Input commands Output (math mode)
\| \leq
\alpha α \lnot ¬
\ast * \mid |
\bigodot ʘ \mu µ
\approx \pm ±
\bullet \P
\copyright © \div ÷
\Box \prod
\downarrow \perp
\delta \sqrt
\geq \int
\gets \oe œ
\gg » \mho Ʊ
\infty \deg deg

Other popular math symbols are:

Output Input Commands
± \pm
= \eq
~ \sim
× \times
÷ \div
< \less
> \gtr
+ \plus
θ \theta
\ \diagdown
/ \diagup
ln \ln
log \log
ϴ \ominus
ʃ \int

Some other commonly used symbols are listed in the below table:

Symbol Commands

Greek Symbols

The Greek symbols are listed below:

Symbols Input Commands
α \alpha
β \beta
γ \gamma
δ \delta
ε \varepsilon
ϵ \epsilon
ϑ \vartheta
μ \mu
π \pi
ρ \rho
σ \sigma
τ \tau
φ \varphi
ω \omega
χ \chi
Π \prod
Σ \sum
Λ \wedge
V \vee
η \eta
ς \varsigma
ζ \zeta
λ \lambda
ϒ \Upsilon
ϖ \varpi

Trigonometric functions

The trigonometric functions are listed in the table below:

Functions Commands
cos \cos
sin \sin
tan \tan
cot \cot
sec \sec
cosec \cosec
csc \csc
arcsin \arcsin
arccos \arccos
arctan \arctan
arcsec \arcsec
arccot \arccot
sinh \sinh
cosh \cosh
tanh \tanh
Brackets The brackets in your document are used for various purposes. Let’s consider an alphabet a, to understand the format of brackets. The brackets are listed in the below table:
Brackets Input commands
⟨a \langle
a⟩ \rangle
{ \lbrace
} \rbrace
| \lvert
| \rvert
‖a \lVert
a‖ \rVert
⌊a \lfloor
a⌋ \rfloor
⌈a \lceil
4⌉ \rceil

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