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AngularJS Controllers

AngularJS controllers are used to control the flow of data of AngularJS application. A controller is defined using ng-controller directive. A controller is a JavaScript object containing attributes/properties and functions. Each controller accepts $scope as a parameter which refers to the application/module that controller is to control.

AngularJS Controller Example

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  • Here, the AngularJS application runs inside the <div> is defined by ng-app="myApp".
  • The AngularJS directive is ng-controller="myCtrl" attribute.
  • The myCtrl function is a JavaScript function.
  • AngularJS will invoke the controller with a $scope object.
  • In AngularJS, $scope is the application object (the owner of application variables and functions).
  • The controller creates two properties (variables) in the scope (firstName and lastName).
  • The ng-model directives bind the input fields to the controller properties (firstName and lastName).

AngularJS controller example with methods (variables as functions)

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AngularJS Controller in external files

In larger applications, generally the controllers are stored in external files.

Create an external file named "personController.js" to store controller.

Here, "personController.js" is:

See this example:

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