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Angular Material - Swipe

Angular Material Swipe function is an angular directive used for mobile devices. The UX pattern is used for mobile devices only, and cannot make the responsive sites. To initiate a swipe gesture on a desktop, you can click, hold and drag in right, left, up or down with the help of swipe function.

The below instructions are used to handle swipe.

  • md-swipe-down: It is used to determine the custom behavior when any element is swiped down.
  • md-swipe-up: It is used to generate custom behavior when an element is swiped up.
  • md-swipe-left: md-swipe-left is an angular directive that is used to specify custom behavior when an element is left swiped.
  • md-swipe-right: It specifies custom behavior when an element is swiped right.

Example 1:

The example shows the use of md-swipe- * and uses the swipe components.



Angular Material Swipe

Example 2:





Angular Material Swipe

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