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<apex: composition> Component in Visualforce Page

The <apex: composition> is another important component used to define an area of the page that includes content from a second template page. The template page includes one or more <apex: insert> components. The <apex: composition> component names the associated template and provides a body for the template's <apex: insert> components with matching <apex: define> components. Any content outside of an <apex: composition> component is not rendered.

We use this component to get user input from the controller method that doesn't correspond to a field on a sObject field.

The <apex: composition> component has the following attributes:

1. rendered

The rendered is a string-type attribute used for rendering the component. However, the rendered attribute does not affect the display of this component.


2. template

The template is an "ApexPages.PageReference" type used for specifying the template page used for this component. The name of the apex page or PageReference is used as a value for this attribute.


Let's take an example to understand how we can use this component on the Visualforce page:




apex: composition Component in Visualforce Page

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