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<apex: mapInfoWindow> Component in Visualforce Page

The <apex: mapInfoWindow> is another important component that is used for defining an info window for the marker displayed at a location on an <apex: map>. The body of the <apex:mapInfoWindow> component is displayed in the info window when users click or tap the marker. The body of the <apex: mapInfoWindow> can be Visualforce markup, HTML and CSS, or even plain text.

By default, only one info window displays at a time. That is, when you click another marker, the first info window disappears, and the new info window appears. To display multiple info windows at once, set showOnlyActiveInfoWindow to false on the containing <apex: map> component.

The <apex: mapInfoWindow> component has the following attributes:

1. id

The id is a string-type attribute, i.e., a unique identifier that allows this component to be referenced by other components on this page.


2. maxWidth

The maxWidth is an Integer-type attribute that is used for specifying the maximum width of the info window.


3. rendered

The rendered is a Boolean-type attribute that is used for specifying whether this component is rendered on the page or not. Boolean-value true is set as a default


Let's take an example to understand how we can use this component on the Visualforce page:



apex: mapInfoWindow Component in Visualforce Page

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