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Computer Architecture VS Computer Organization

Computer Architecture Computer Organization
Computer Architecture is concerned with the way hardware components are connected together to form a computer system. Computer Organization is concerned with the structure and behaviour of a computer system as seen by the user.
It acts as the interface between hardware and software. It deals with the components of a connection in a system.
Computer Architecture helps us to understand the functionalities of a system. Computer Organization tells us how exactly all the units in the system are arranged and interconnected.
A programmer can view architecture in terms of instructions, addressing modes and registers. Whereas Organization expresses the realization of architecture.
While designing a computer system architecture is considered first. An organization is done on the basis of architecture.
Computer Architecture deals with high-level design issues. Computer Organization deals with low-level design issues.
Architecture involves Logic (Instruction sets, Addressing modes, Data types, Cache optimization) Organization involves Physical Components (Circuit design, Adders, Signals, Peripherals)

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