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Control Logic Gates

The Control Logic Gate for a basic computer is same as the one used in Hard wired Control organization.

The block diagram is also similar to the Control Logic Gate used in the Hard wired Control organization.

Control Logic Gates

Inputs for the Control Logic Circuit:

  • The input for the Control Logic circuit comes from the two decoders, I flip-flop and bits 0 through 11 of IR.
  • The other inputs to the Control Logic are AC (bits 0 through 15), DR (bits 0 through 15), and the value of the seven flip-flops.

Outputs of the Control Logic Circuit:

  • The control of the inputs of the nine registers
  • The control of the read and write inputs of memory
  • To set, clear, or complement the flip-flops
  • S2, S1, and SO to select a register for the bus
  • The control of the AC adder and logic circuit.
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