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How to Write a Good Tweet

Twitter is a social media platform to share and exchange messages, feelings, and more. The short messages that we send or share through Twitter are called tweets. We don't have much liberty while writing a tweet in terms of its length as the length of a tweet cannot be more than 280 characters. So, be careful while writing a tweet as you have limited words to correctly convey your messages, feelings, or emotions. Let us have a look at some of the important points that can make our tweet more impressive and appealing.

Keep it simple and shorter:

It is found in various studies and research reports that shorter tweets generate more engagement. So, keep your tweet short yet meaningful and appealing.

Determine your goals:

Identify your goals before writing a tweet, i.e., there should be a goal or purpose behind writing a tweet, e.g., to drive traffic to a site, to increase your followers, to spread awareness, and more. So, it is wise to optimize your tweet as per your goals, objectives, purpose, etc.

Be engaging:

Your tweet should be engaging as it can be up to 280 characters long, you are required to pack all of your efforts and creativity into a small space. So, keep your tweets customized and personalized and speak directly to your target audience. Thus, you can capture the readers' attention.

Use correct punctuation:

Take care of the punctuation while writing a tweet if you want to make an impact on the readers. There are plenty of punctuation marks, use whichever is required, e.g., full stop, commas, parentheses, speech marks, colon, and more. Furthermore, don't end every sentence with an exclamation mark; use it only where it is required.

Use correct spelling:

Before posting your tweet, check the spelling of each word written by you. If your English is not good you can take the help of online tools that check spelling, grammar, sentence formation, and more.

Provide Direction:

Twitter allows you to provide directions via your tweets. For example, if you want your users to take some action, clearly tell them through a tweet. A research has shown that by simply adding ?Please ReTweet? to your tweet, the retweets increase by four times. So, include a Call to Action (CTA) e.g., asks your audience to follow you, to respond to your tweet, to click on your link.

Add a shortened URL:

A typical URL can occupy all of your Tweet's space. So, use a shortened URL in your tweets to drive followers back to your site. There are many sites like Bitly, that can help you to shorten a URL.

Use trending hashtags:

Use hashtag for your tweets. Prefer trending hashtags as it can enhance your visibility on the network and thus helps users find you and interact with your tweet. If you want to create a hashtag it should be short and easily recognizable so that it is easily followed along by your followers. And, if you want to use an existing hashtag, make sure you add value to it. Furthermore, volume of hashtags is also important. According to a study, tweets with one or two hashtags can drive two times more traffic than a tweet without a hashtag. Using more than two hashtags may not be beneficial.

Use an image:

Images always help content. According to experts, adding an image to a tweet may boost retweets by 35%. In other words, tweets with images receive a higher click-through rate and more likely to get shared. So, if you want your tweet performs well add an image, video, or GIF to your tweet.

Use sense of humor:

Humor attracts people. It draws people in from various parts of the web. But, your humor should be appropriate and professional so that it can be shared along the web without harming your brand, reputation, etc.

Use viral words:

Viral words and phrases help spread a message in social media networks. So, find most-used viral words and phrases and add them to your tweet.

Listen to understand:

You have to understand your audience for that you can listen the conservations amongst your communities. It will help you to know what they want and how you can add value. Thus, you can deliver the right information to the right audience at the right time thereby you can maximize the value of your tweets.

Talk with people, not at them:

Twitter is a real-time social network, so don't keep your followers waiting too long. Reply to both positive and negative feedback without any delay.

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