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PHP GMP Functions Detail Reference

The GMP function does math operations with integers that can be any length. The GMP number is used as an argument in the GMP function. The GMP functions work on the mathematics using the "arbitrary-length" integers.

GMP is a library that PHP supports. It lets you do the math on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating point numbers. GMP is very useful for things like cryptanalysis, internet security, and software that do math operations.

GMP has a lot of functions that make it easy to do complicated math operations on large numbers. GMP is said to be faster at figuring out the result when very large numbers are involved.

PHP GMP Syntax

PHP comes with the GMP module already installed. We can do the same thing by taking out the semicolon ";extension = gmp" at the beginning of the extension in php.ini. After that, restart Apache to see if the changes are taking effect. Save the code below as.php and run it in your browser. The following syntax uses to create the PHP GMP function.

PHP GMP Functions

The table below shows the complete functions associated with PHP GMP functions.

Functions Description
PHP GMP gmp_abs() function The function displays the value itself.
PHP GMP gmp_add() function It gives the total of two numbers without operation.
PHP GMP gmp_and() function Compares two numbers or values using the bitwise AND operator.
PHP GMP gmp_binomial() function Finds the coefficient of the binomial value of the given value.
PHP GMP gmp_clrbit() function Cleans up the index number or bit value of the number.
PHP GMP gmp_cmp() function Two GMP numbers or given values are compared using the GMP function.
PHP GMP gmp_com() function The function calculates the complement of the given value.
PHP GMP gmp_div_q() function divides the numbers you give it.
PHP GMP gmp_div_qr() function Divides the two numbers, and the function gives us the quotient and the remainder.
PHP GMP gmp_div_r() function Divides the given two numbers, and function gives us the remainder.
PHP GMP gmp_div() function The function divides the two numbers as per requirement.
PHP GMP gmp_divexact() function Finds the exact way to divide given user numbers.
PHP GMP gmp_export() function Sends or exports a binary string as per requirement.
PHP GMP gmp_fact() function Finds the factorial number of the given value.
PHP GMP gmp_gcd() function Finds the Greatest Common Divisor of a set of numbers
PHP GMP gmp_gcdext() function Finds the Greatest Common Divisor and multipliers of the given numbers.
PHP GMP gmp_hamdist() function Finds the hamming distance between two given numerical values.
PHP GMP gmp_import() function Brings the required data from the format of the binary string value.
PHP GMP gmp_init() function A GMP number creates using the given function.
PHP GMP gmp_intval() function Changes from a GMP number to a numerical value.
PHP GMP gmp_invert() function Gives the modular inverse of the GMP numbers given.
PHP GMP gmp_jacobi() function Figures out the Jacobi symbol using the GMP function.
PHP GMP gmp_kronecker() function The Kronecker symbol is calculated.
PHP GMP gmp_lcm() function Finds the LCM of the GMP numbers given.
PHP GMP gmp_legendre() function Figures out what the Legendre symbol is.
PHP GMP gmp_mod() function Displays the modulus of the value.
PHP GMP gmp_mul() function Add up the GMP numbers.
PHP GMP gmp_neg() function Give the output of the number's negative value.
PHP GMP gmp_nextprime() function Finds the next number that is a prime.
PHP GMP gmp_or() function Finds the bitwise OR value of the given numbers.
PHP GMP gmp_perfect power() function Checks to see if GMP is a perfect power.
PHP GMP gmp_perfect square() function Checks to see if the GMP number is a square.
PHP GMP gmp_popcount() function Counts the number of people
PHP GMP gmp_pow() function Displays the result of raising the given number to the given power.
PHP GMP gmp_powm() function Displays the new number by multiplying the given number by the power and adding modulo.
PHP GMP gmp_prob_prime() function Checks whether or not the GMP number is a prime number.
PHP GMP gmp_random_bits() function The function displays a random number.
PHP GMP gmp_random_range() function Displays a number that is somewhere between the minimum and maximum numbers.
PHP GMP gmp_random_seed() function Sets the source from which the random number will be made.
PHP GMP gmp_random() function Displays random numbers from the given data.
PHP GMP gmp_root() function Displays the roots of the required integer value.
PHP GMP gmp_rootrem() function Displays the nth root's integer value and the rest.
PHP GMP gmp_scan0() function The function checks the 0 (zero) value in the given number.
PHP GMP gmp_scan1() function The function checks the 1 (one) value in the given number.
PHP GMP gmp_setbit() function Sets the index place for the GMP number.
PHP GMP gmp_sign() function Displays the sign of the value or number.
PHP GMP gmp_sqrt() function Finds the square root of a given number
PHP GMP gmp_sqrtrem() function Finds the square root of the number with the remainder of the value.
PHP GMP gmp_strval() function Changes a GMP number given into a string value.
PHP GMP gmp_sub() function Finds the difference between require two values.
PHP GMP gmp_testbit() function Checks the given number set on the required index or bit place.
PHP GMP gmp_xor() function Finds the bitwise XOR of the numbers you give it.


The php GMP functions provide multiple operations in a single keyword. It helps to operate numerical functions and mathematical operations as per requirement.

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