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PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

PHP is an open-source programming language that is used to encourage static or dynamic web backends. PHP addresses Hypertext Pre-processor, which earlier addressed Personal Home Pages. It is the speediest and most by and large used server-side setting up language for building locales and web applications. There are many valid justifications for why a few engineers favor PHP over other server-side dialects like Python and Ruby.

PHP incorporates definite documentation, various prepared-to-utilize scripts, a tremendous local area, and very much upheld systems. To make PHP work more straightforward, specialists have fostered some PHP improvement devices that increment programming productivity. PHP instruments are planned to address an optimal IDE (Integrated Development Environment) where PHP architects can really create attractive, inventive, and feature-rich PHP projects.

There are various PHP IDEs that propose brilliant code fulfillment and approve mistakes continuously. These instruments have a grammar checker and debugger for rapidly creating PHP scripts.

Following is an overview of Top PHP IDE, with their well-known components and site joins. This contains both open source and commercial programming software available on the internet

List of some best PHP Editors


Dreamweaver is a famous PHP Development Tool. This instrument assists you with making, distributing, and overseeing sites. A site made with Dreamweaver can be transferred to any web server.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of Dreamweaver

  • Dynamic sites can be effectively prepared by utilizing Dreamweaver.
  • It gives pre-constructed designs to construct a site.
  • This apparatus assists you with altering the work area in the manner in which you like.
  • It has an inbuilt HTML checking tool that can easily approve your code.

LINK: Dreamweaver


Tabnine's AI partner robotizes redundant work and wipes out the requirement for a tedious code look. Get moment inline code culminations in every one of the most famous dialects and IDEs from an AI guide prepared in your group's vaults, code examples, and best practices.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of Tabnine

  • Moment inline code
  • Upholds every significant language and IDEs
  • Eliminates improvement friction and rates up speed
  • Further develops code quality and consistency
  • Computerizes far off information sharing
  • Speeds up designer onboarding
  • Diminishes code audit emphases
  • Complete code security and consistency with a possibility for self-facilitating

LINK: Tabnine

Zend Studio

Most website specialists settle on Zend Studio, considering its optimal speed. Making and investigating code in Zend Studio demands no extra work and time from planners. It explores PHP scripts by consolidating X-bar, X-debug, and Zend Debugger. This total PHP IDE went with an exhilarating plan of components and is powered to send applications on various servers, recalling servers for the cloud. Specialists can magnify Zend Studio using Eclipse.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of Zend Studio

  • It upholds the most recent variant of PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • This apparatus has an improved source control mix that assists you with working with SVN (Apache Subversion).
  • It upholds Laravel and Symfony.
  • It can also work with clouds like Red Hat, Microsoft Azure, etc.
  • Valid languages: PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C, C++, and C#
  • Valid operating systems Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS

LINK: Zend


Rapidphpeditor is not difficult to utilize PHP supervisor that has a language structure checker and debugger for rapidly creating PHP programs. This device has a canny code finish office.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Features of Rapidphpeditor

  • It offers help for the Smarty PHP layout motor.
  • You can proficiently with this editor to reuse code.
  • It offers progressed search and supplants, including.
  • This instrument support Unicode.
  • Rapid PHP editor can feature the linguistic structure.
  • Rapid PHP editor can be used with HTML and CSS.
  • It empowers you to alter content straightforwardly on the webserver.
  • Menus, toolbars, and alternate way keys can be tweaked.

LINK: Rapidphpeditor

Eclipse PDT

Right when you cautiously search about the best PHP improvement devices, most of your question things will have the Eclipse in their overview. Being an absolute improvement gadget, it positions in the once-over of top PHP instruments. With the opportunity to browse a broad extent of the module, it simplifies it to make as well as work on the complex PHP code. It, moreover, assists you with re-trying and loosening up the IDE to address the necessities of the endeavor. This PHP IDE can maintain both GUI and non-GUI applications. This cross-stage PHP manager is great for huge-scope PHP projects.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of Rapidphpeditor

  • It gives you a readymade code format.
  • This device consequently approves sentence structure.
  • It upholds code refactoring. (A course on further developing inward code structure).
  • Obscure PDT empowers you to deal with the venture remotely.
  • It can validate most programming languages.
  • Valid operating systems Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris

LINK: Eclipse


Komodo is a PHP IDE that supports web scripting languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and so forth. This product supports you with troubleshooting the PHP program swiftly and easily without a problem.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software


  • This PHP code manager assists you with investigating, assessing, and testing your code.
  • This application has lots of additional items to redo the elements.
  • Komodo assists you with working together with your colleagues.
  • You can edit your HTML document without leaving Komodo.
  • You can characterize your own work process with the venture and record routes.
  • It permits you to put a numeric bookmark to go to the particular line of code rapidly.
  • Features and recognizes various dialects inside a record.
  • You can have a look at the events of factors in the code

LINK: Komodo


Notepad++ is a code editing software that can be utilized with Windows. This instrument features linguistic structure and catchphrase. It assists you with working with numerous open documents in a solo window.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of Notepad++

  • You can zoom in as per your requirements.
  • Large-scale (Automatic expandable guidance) recording and playback are conceivable.
  • It features grammar for dialects like PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and so on.
  • GUI is adjustable.
  • This free PHP editor upholds the multi-language climate.

LINK: Notepad++


Atom is a basic code editor or an IDE for composing a PHP program. It is very well and may be redone to do anything without changing a configuration record.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of Atom

  • It has an incorporated package supervisor.
  • This application permits cross-stage editing.
  • You can find, see, and supplant text composed in a document or across the whole undertaking.
  • Upholds order range to run accessible orders.

LINK: Atom


Cloud9, an open-source cloud IDE, gives an improvement climate to many programming dialects, and PHP, C, C++, JavaScript, and Python are the names of a couple. Designers can begin coding quickly with pre-arranged conditions called work area and fabricate web applications with highlights like program similarity testing and live review. They can work together with their partners by utilizing cooperative coding highlights. This PHP IDE empowers you to take your PHP projects from any place.

It offers a perfect encounter for making serverless applications, empowering you to characterize assets, execute serverless applications and investigate at the remote. You can impart your advancement climate to your friends, and it empowers you to match programs as well as track each ongoing information source. As Cloud9 guarantees the easy structure of a serverless application, you can simply code with your program. You to pair the program as well as track every real-time input. As Cloud9 ensures the effortless building of serverless applications, you can just code with your browser.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of Cloud9

  • You can change boards toward any path by straightforward simplification with this editor.
  • It has an incorporated debugger to set a breakpoint.
  • This device has an inherent terminal that empowers you to see order yield from the server.
  • It upholds alternate console routes for simple access.
  • You can impart the advancement climate to your improvement group.
  • Cloud9 offers an assortment of subjects.
  • It has an inbuilt picture proof-reader to resize, crop, or pivot pictures.

LINK: Cloud9

GNU Emacs

Emacs is a Unix-based device that gives a profoundly adjustable component. It upholds linguistic structure shading. It upholds Unicode for various programming languages.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of GNU Emacs

  • This program has total inbuilt documentation.
  • It gives a bundling framework for introducing and downloading various expansions.
  • Profoundly adjustable utilizing Emacs Lisp code.
  • It offers an instructional exercise for new clients.



CodeLite is a piece of open-source equipment for composing programs in PHP. It features the language structure. You can utilize this instrument on Windows and Mac working frameworks.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of CodeLite

  • Codelite can be coordinated with the Cscope combination (text-based point of interaction to look through a code).
  • You can redo sentence structure tones.
  • Codelite assists you with finding documents easily utilizing a tree view.
  • It has an ordered sense of taste that holds usefulness, like arranging, changing the linguistic structure, and so forth.

LINK: CodeLite

Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text is one of the primary word processors out there for PHP creators. Regardless, it's everything except a very IDE, with the foundation of specific modules/groups; you can make it a sensible editor for making PHP applications. This cross-stage source code editor locally maintains a couple of programming as well as markup vernaculars. With its component-rich functionalities and amazing plans, it makes the fashioner neighborhood about the word processor as the best IDE for PHP headway. Being driving flexible substance supervisor with a custom UI device stash, it engages you to get across the pictures, words, or lines using legitimate key simple courses.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of Sublime Text

  • It offers an order range for changing the linguistic structure.
  • It features the sentence structure.
  • The great text gives API to expand the highlights.
  • You can rapidly go to the meaning of class or strategy.
  • Valid languages: All famous dialects
  • valid operating system: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

LINK: SiblimeText


Geany is a PHP manager that utilizes GTK open-source tool compartment. This supervisor autocompletes words or sections. It upholds various record types, including PHP, Perl, HTML, and so forth.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of Geany

  • It improves project executions.
  • This is a free PHP IDE, and it upholds code folding (specifically, stow away and show documents).
  • It can auto-close HTML and XML labels.
  • Geany gives an image list that assists you with knowing where the image is characterized.

LINK: Geany


TextMate is a tool that is specifically created for macOS. It assists you with trading a piece of code without any problem. You can look through the particulate record with practically no issues.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of TextMate

  • You can see which documents are changed in the record program view.
  • It assists you with taking out rehashed work with macros.
  • Uphold's code collapsing (specifically stow away and show code).
  • Recently duplicated text or code should be visible in the clipboard history.
  • You have some control over the form of PHP documents effortlessly.

LINK: TextMate


KWrite is a lightweight device for composing PHP code. This instrument is created by the KDE programming local area. It has two different information modes, i.e., text embed mode and order mode.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of KWrite

  • It naturally features a linguistic structure in light of the document type
  • Auto change space (void space toward the start of code)
  • It upholds the KIPI module to send out pictures.
  • This proofreader offers auto-finish in view of words or expressions it has proactively found in the remainder of the piece of the record.

LINK: Kwrite


PhpED is an exclusive incorporating PHP improvement instrument presented by NuSphere. This PHP IDE contains a high-level PHP proofreader, Profiler, PHP debugger, and information base client and code knowledge. This utility furnishes the designers with a few instruments and changes that will make the entire web improvement process less lumbering. With the aid of the business PHP speedups called PhpExpress, PhpEd rapidly up the application improvement process. This IDE is an optimal choice for fostering complicated websites and web applications. It upholds JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3 while offering gigantic help for PHP 7.1. Its refactoring abilities enable designers to work on their code. PhpED permits designers to manage the utmost popular PHP systems like Laravel, Zend, and Yii.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of NuSphere

  • It upholds JavaScript.
  • You can distribute the undertaking that focuses on numerous structures with this tool.
  • It has an implicit code validator.
  • This instrument autocorrects PHP code.
  • NuSphere gives a completely adaptable, easy route.
  • You can stow away and show a specific segment in the document
  • It matches a couple of supports.
  • Valid languages: PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, Perl, Python and JavaScript
  • Valid operating system Windows, Web, Mac, Linux, iPad

LINK: NuSphere


It is one of the best USPs, amongst others, is that PHP storm is very lightweight and can operate incredibly quickly and smoothly on an average machine which makes PHPStorm more utilized by developers. This PHP IDE runs the best with PHP libraries like Zend, Symfony, Yii, Laravel, and CakePHP and with well-known Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal, Magento, etc. This IDE provides live hosting for front-end coding and so on while supporting code refactoring, unit testing, and troubleshooting/debugging. Additionally, it likewise enables engineers to coordinate with information bases, form control frameworks, far-off arrangements, arrangers, order line devices, rest-client, and numerous different instruments.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of PHPStorm

  • Code bits
  • Code re-arranger
  • Debugging
  • Neighborhood ZenCoding support
  • legitimate languages that can be used PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C, C++, and C#
  • legitimate Operating system that supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X


Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is an open-source PHP progression contraption that is used to blend in with various server-side and client-side web headways. PHP, Python, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, and HTML5 are a piece of these developments. It maintains the debuggers and requests line points of association to make it more direct for PHP application improvement. It grants PHP computer programmers to function as well as test web applications in a solitary environment. It goes with SFTP, FTP, and IDE customization. This solid web improvement engine utilizes the adaptability of Eclipse and contains bits of knowledge concerning the extent of help for each part of the primary web programs. Aptana Studio is a first-class display PHP IDE and consolidates a wide extent of engaging components to fabricate your productivity.

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

Advantages of Aptana

  • We can easily Set breakpoints
  • We can control execution, and we can also research factors
  • Maintains the latest HTML5 judgments
  • Composed exertion with looks through a mix, pull and push exercises
  • IDE Customization
  • Git Integration and Built-in terminal
  • Legitimate languages that incorporate PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, and Ruby on Rails
  • The operating system that supports this includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Plugin for Eclipse.

LINK: Aptana

Selenium Test

Selenium test engages PHP originators to make robotized Web application UI tests in any programming language. Right when this is gotten together with PHPUnit, we can run a robotized test with any web program of your choice. All OS like Windows, Linux,

PHP IDE and Code Editor Software

VISIT: Selenium

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