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PHP Projects

PHP is one of the prominent languages important for web development. PHP is a scripting language that is majorly used as a server-side scripting language in web development. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a programming language that may be used to create dynamic and interactive web pages. One of the key reasons PHP got so popular is because it is quite simple to learn. Even without any expertise or experience in web development, most people could produce a web page in a reasonably short period of time using a single PHP file. Because the syntax is simple and command functions are straightforward to understand, the barriers to entry for PHP are lower than for many other languages.

PHP is a web development programmes that is quick, safe, and dependable. It makes it more accessible and handier for a large number of individuals. PHP web development is well-known for producing dynamic pages. It is quite useful for creating any form of a company website, such as e-commerce, static blogs, social networking, and so on.

There are many PHP projects which we can implement. The versatility of PHP projects varies from just Proof-of-Concept projects to full-fledged product grade projects. Let us see some of the PHP projects:

  • A Chatbot for Students
  • Portal for Doctors
  • Clothes Recommendation System
  • Product Rating System as per the Consumer Reviews
  • Automatic Time Table Creation
  • Ad Dispenser Server
  • Movie Recommendation App
  • Predictive Model for Customer Behavior
  • Image Processing and Generation
  • Facebook Application Development
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Calculator
  • Online Shopping Project
  • Social Networking Website
  • Online Blood Bank
  • Online Voting System
  • WordPress Plugins

All the projects that are listed above are a mixture of beginner, intermediate and expert level projects.

Now let us at the implementation of a simple calculator in PHP.

PHP Code:

Implementation using switch case:


PHP Projects


In the example that is written above we have implemented a simple calculator in PHP with the help of a switch case in this example first of all we have taken two integer values as input from the user once we have our both the integer values on which we have to perform the function or operation the next step is to get information from the user about what arithmetic operation want to apply on this two integer values that are entered the various options of the arithmetic operations are the addition of the two numbers, subtraction of two numbers, multiplication of the enter two numbers and the last and the final option is the division of these numbers once we have the desired operation from the user we perform the operation and print the result of the specified operation.

Implementation using function:


PHP Projects

Using Class:


PHP Projects

Thus, in this way, we understood what are some of the most popular PHP projects and we also saw the actual implementation of one of the projects that are implementing a simple calculator device in the PHP scripting language. We saw the implementation of a calculator in PHP in three different ways first one was to implement using the switch case and then in the second scenario we saw the implementation using the functions, and in the last and the third case we saw how we can implement a simple calculator in PHP scripting language using Class.

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