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PHP Print

Like PHP echo, PHP print is a language construct, so you don't need to use parenthesis with the argument list. Print statement can be used with or without parentheses: print and print(). Unlike echo, it always returns 1.

The syntax of PHP print is given below:

PHP print statement can be used to print the string, multi-line strings, escaping characters, variable, array, etc. Some important points that you must know about the echo statement are:

  • print is a statement, used as an alternative to echo at many times to display the output.
  • print can be used with or without parentheses.
  • print always returns an integer value, which is 1.
  • Using print, we cannot pass multiple arguments.
  • print is slower than the echo statement.

PHP print: printing string

File: print1.php


Hello by PHP print Hello by PHP print()

PHP print: printing multi line string

File: print2.php


Hello by PHP print this is multi line text printed by PHP print statement

PHP print: printing escaping characters

File: print3.php


Hello escape "sequence" characters by PHP print

PHP print: printing variable value

File: print4.php


Message is: Hello print() in PHP

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