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PHP strncmp() Function

The strncmp() is predefine string function of PHP. It is used to compare two strings. This function strncmp() is binary-safe, case-sensitive and similar to strcmp() function but strcmp() have no the length parameter.

The strncmp () function is often used in programming and web development for string operation.


Parameter Description Required/Optional
String1 Specify the first string to compare Required
String2 Specify the second string to compare Required
Length Specify the number of character for comparison. Required

The strncmp () function:

  • Returns 0 : if the two string is equal.
  • Returns <0 : if string 1 is less than string2.
  • Return >0 : if string1 is greater than string 2.

Example 1


By using 'strcmp()' function: 0

Example 2


By using 'strcmp()' function:-9

Example 3


By using 'strcmp()' function:9

See Also :

  • str_word_count() : It is used to count the number of words in a string.
  • strcasecmp() : It is used to compare two strings.
  • strchr() : It is used to find the first occurrence of a string inside another string.


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