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Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing is a type of software testing which is used to find the bugs before the releasing the software to real users or a public. It gives a certificate of performance in an actual scenario. It is a type of acceptance testing.

The objective of alpha testing is to rectify the software product by identifying and fixing errors that could not discover in previous testing processes. It is done near the end of development and before beta testing of the software.

Software engineers or quality assurance staff perform alpha testing. Generally, it has two phases, in the first phase, developers use debugger software or hardware-assisted debuggers which helps to catch bugs very quickly. During alpha testing, there is plenty of bugs, missing features, and crashes.

In the second phase, quality assurance staff perform alpha testing by involving both black box and white box testing techniques. It is an additional testing environment.

Alpha Testing

Alpha testing is envisioned as an available online application that is not complete to use but can be opened up to check performance and get initial feedback from the public. It can be referred to an early version or upcoming version of the software application.

How to perform alpha testing

Alpha testing is done in a lab test environment on a separate computer system. A group consisting of project manager and developers defines goals of alpha testing and integrate result of an evolving project.

Some essential steps of the testing group are listed below:

  • Examine the functional requirements and designing specification of the software.
  • Develop test cases according to the functions.
  • Execute all test cases
  • Discover defects
  • Fix defects.

Advantages of Alpha testing

  • It reduces the delivery time of the project.
  • It provides a more comprehensive test plan and test cases.
  • Free the team quickly so that they can work on another project.
  • It provides better insight into the software's reliability and accountability.
  • Feedback is quick so that the quality of the software can be further improved.

Disadvantages of Alpha testing

  • It needs a tester who is skilled in both white box and black box testing.
  • It needs software tools for quick debugging.
  • This test is done immediately after the development, so it is necessary to get the tester available immediately.

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