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Differences between GUI Testing and Usability Testing

In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between GUI testing and Usability testing based on the various parameters.

Before getting into the difference between GUI testing and Usability testing, we will briefly introduce GUI testing and Usability testing.

What is GUI (Graphical User Interface) Testing?

It is a unique type of software testing, which is mainly used to test/check the Graphical user interface of the application or the software.

The primary goal of the GUI testing is to make sure the functionalities of software or the application operate according to given requirements/specifications.

In GUI testing, the Specification could be specified as checking screens and various controls such as windows, menus, click buttons, icons, scroll bar, and dialogue boxes, etc.

In other words, we can say that graphical user interface testing essentially allows consistent communication between a user and a software product.

What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing is also one of the special testing techniques which comes under the non-functional testing of black-box testing.

The usability testing is used to test the defect in the end-user communication of software or the product. It ensures that the developed software is straightforward while using the system without facing any problem and makes end-user life easier.

In short, we can say that checking the user-friendliness, efficiency, and accuracy of the application is known as Usability Testing.

The main goal of executing the usability testing is to test that the application should be easy to use for the end-user who is meant to use it, whereas sustaining the client's specified functional and business requirements.

Basically, the usability testing evaluates the complete feasibility of the software from the user's perspective.

For more information regarding usability testing, refer to the following link:

GUI Testing VS Usability Testing

Let's understand the difference between GUI testing and Usability Testing on the following comparison basis table:

GUI Testing vs Usability Testing
S.NO Comparison Basis GUI Testing Usability Testing
1. Definition It is used to verify if the functional attributes creating the product design are working according to the user's prospects. It is used to test the simplicity, availability of the product from the end-user's perspective.
2. Emphasis on The GUI testing emphasizes the look and feel of an application and involves the interface part of the software. On the other hand, usability testing emphasizes the user-friendliness and product quality of an application.
3. Test Generally, in graphical user interface testing, the functionality of an application is not tested. Whereas in usability testing, the functionality of an application is tested to verify whether it is user-friendly or not.
4. Validation In GUI testing, we validate the design specifications for the products. The usability testing test if the creation of the user interface has been well created and is user- friendly.
5. Target The GUI testing is essential when the developers are targeting a precise user base like disabled people. On the other hand, usability testing is not beneficial while developing an application for a unique user base.
6. Ensures The execution of GUI testing ensures the look and feel of an application by fulfilling the given user requirements and standards. While the execution of usability testing ensures the user comfortless while using any application.
7. Determine Graphical user interface testing is used to determine the front-end portion of any application. Usability testing determines the extent of the user-friendliness Interface as well as overall functioning of the software.
8. Platform dependency The GUI testing is implemented on several platforms to ensures its perfect look of the application. The usability testing tests the application at its difficulty level.
9. Importance It is beneficial but less important as compared to usability testing. Usability testing's importance is more as compared to the GUI testing.
10. System Flow The system flow of the product is left untouched by GUI testing. In this, the systematic flow between various modules within the product gets tested.
11. Advantage The output we received after executing the Graphical user interface testing helps us engage more significant users due to its enhanced attractiveness. On the other hand, getting an output by implementing the usability testing will also beneficial for drawing a more significant part of users in the market.
12. Coverage The GUI testing gets covered the look and development of the application. On the other hand, usability testing gets covered the features and capabilities of the product.
13. Example The graphical user interface testing tests all objects such as the size of the icon, setting the right combinations for font, the dialog box, contrast, attributes if they are appropriately exhibited throughout the screen. The usability testing especially used to test the text input boxes for the users. And another example of usability testing is the scroll bars, which succeed for easy navigation of a website's pages.


After seeing all the significant differences between the GUI testing and Usability testing, we can conclude that the execution of both Graphical user interface testing and usability testing can test some of the key software features, such as Look and feel user-friendliness, efficiency, and accuracy of the application.

The Graphical user interface (GUI) testing and usability testing will help the testing team takes essential procedures to increase the performance, quality, user-friendliness, functionality, and other vital essentials of the software product.

At last, we can say that if we do not execute the GUI testing and usability testing techniques, the development and testing may not be able to deliver a good quality software or the application.

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