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Difference between system testing and acceptance testing System Testing Acceptance Testing
1 System testing is performed to test end to end functionality of the software. Acceptance testing is performed to test whether the software is conforming specified requirements and user requirements or not.
2 Only developers and testers can perform System testing. It can be performed by testers, stakeholders and costumers.
3 It can be both non-functional and functional testing. It can be only functional testing.
4 In System testing, we test the performance of the whole system. In Acceptance testing, we test whether the system is conforming requirements or not.
5 System testing uses demo input values that are selected by the testing team. Acceptance testing uses the actual real-time input values provided by the user.
6 In this testing, we include the testing of complete specification including software and hardware, memory and number of users. Here we test whether the software is fulfilling all the needs of the user or not.
7 System Testing is a combination of System Testing and Integration testing. Acceptance Testing is a combination of alpha testing and beta testing.
8 It is performed before the Acceptance testing. It is performed after the System testing.
9 System testing involves load and stress testing under non-functional testing. Acceptance testing involves boundary value analysis, equivalence portioning and decision table under functional testing.
10 The defects found in system testing are considered to be fixed. The defects found in acceptance testing are considered as product failure.

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