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Mobile Testing Tools

To test the mobile application, we need these types of tools, which help us to check the usability, functionality, security, and consistency of the application. In the current scenarios, the mobile applications are widely used over the android and iOS platforms, which enhances the client's reliability towards the applications.

So, here we will understand some of the best tools of mobile testing, which are as follows:

  • Appium
  • Calabash
  • Testdroid
  • Kobiton
  • TestComplete
  • TestingBot
Mobile Testing Tools


Appium is one of the leading mobile testing tools which is established by the Sauce Labs, and it is an open-source tool. It is used to test the mobile web application, hybrid, and native applications. It supports cross-browser testing, that's why we can execute our application on various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and so on with the help of WebDriver Protocol. The backend of the Appium is Selenium, which provides control over Selenium functionality for our testing needs.

Mobile Testing Tools

Features of Appium tools

  • Appium can control Safari and Chrome on mobile devices.
  • It supports various programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, and C#.
  • It can be combined with multiple frameworks and other tools.
  • There is no need for application source code or library.
  • It will provide a reliable & active community.
  • We can easily set up Appium on different platforms.


Another mobile testing tool is Calabash, which is an open-source tool that helps us to test the Android and iOS applications. For the mobile application, we can write and run automated acceptance tests. It is developed and maintained by Xamarin cloud services.

Mobile Testing Tools

Features of Calabash tool

  • It is used to help in enhancing the productivity of the application.
  • It will provide distinct automation libraries for Android and iOS applications.
  • It is used to expand the robustness of the product.
  • It is used to perform automated functional testing for local mobile applications.


It is a product of Bitbar technologies, which is a set of mobile software development. It is a cloud-based mobile testing tool that is used to save the expenses behind the application progress. It will provide remote manual testing and API access to the real devices, which execute Android before an application is introduced.

With the help of the Testdroid, we can easily announce our application, which helps us to reduce the operational costs.

Mobile Testing Tools

Features of Testdroid tool

Following are the characteristics of Testdroid tool:

  • It will help us to decrease random and operational costs.
  • It helps us to enhance the application rating based on every day dynamic clients.
  • It reduces the risk of agile testing and real devices.
  • For the iOS and Android games, it will provide robust mobile gaming testing platforms.


It is a mobile experience platform, which is used to test the mobile application and speed up the delivery of the product. It allows automation and manual testing on real devices. Kobiton will produce the activity logs automatically. It is used to resolve and verify the issues easily because it captures all actions happened while performing testing. It will work for both Android and iOS applications.

Mobile Testing Tools

Features of Kobiton

  • It will access the 100+ real devices.
  • It is a highly responsive tool.
  • It will provide a parallel execution for manual and automation testing.
  • It can collaborate with various other tools like GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, Travis CI, and TeamCity.
  • It will Integrate powerful APIs and also support the Appium tool.
  • It provides a secure and private connection to our Kobiton cloud.


It is an automated UI testing tool which is established by SmartBear Company. It ensures the delivery of high-quality software that enhance test coverage. It supports multiple platforms such as Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and so on. It offers us to create, execute, and maintain the test scripts for web, mobile, and desktop applications. This tool gives us full control over mobile device sensor data like GPS, Gyroscopes, and Accelerometers.

Mobile Testing Tools

Features of TestComplete tool

  • It supports various bug tracking tools such as Bugzilla, Jira, etc.
  • It will work for android and iOS applications.
  • It has built-in keyword-driven test editors, which include the keyword operations that are parallel to the automated testing actions.
  • It contains defect tracking templates that can be used to create or modify the items stored in the defect tracking systems.
  • It will capture the screenshots while the tests are recorded and playback, and we also get quick evaluations between probable and real screens during the test.
  • It will provide real-time information on the progress and status of our web, desktop, or mobile UI tests from a single interface.
  • It will support data-driven testing.


It is the primary cloud-based tool for web and mobile applications. With the help of this tool, we can access and debug any browser or device from our computer. The TestingBot users can run Appium, selenium, and JavaScript tests across 1500+ browsers and devices. In this tool, we can also change the internal selenium grid with our cloud-based selenium and the Appium grid. It will increase productivity and quick releases.

Mobile Testing Tools

Features of TestingBot tool

Following are some standard features of TestingBot:

  • We can perform headless testing in the cloud.
  • It supports the latest versions of Selenium and Appium.
  • With the help of this tool, we can perform live web testing.
  • It will be helpful to take the screenshot on all browsers and also compare the results.
  • It will provide codeless automation.

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